Reviews For Untold Love

Name: Genie Chua (Signed) · Date: 08/01/05 - 02:53 pm · Chapter: Part 1
I've been waiting for a loooong time to see more of this fic! Absolutely love it the first time I read it, and I lost count of the number of times I've re-read it since. Hmm... would a promise to feature it on the 'Recomended' colum of the page encourage you to finish it faster? Cos I'd put it up there in a heartbeat! :)

Name: Sagga Bott (Signed) · Date: 04/12/04 - 07:42 pm · Chapter: Chapter Three
Yay!!! It's been updated!! This is one of my favourite stories I must have read it a dozen time. You have no idea how happy I am to see a new chapter (and on my birthday too). I can't wait for the next chapter! :)

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