Name: Alexandria (Anonymous) · Date: 25/09/14 - 01:05 pm · Chapter: 18/18

Wow! I lovd this story so much I don't even want to leave a review -just go back rereading it and rereading it! I read your betrayed fic first and thought it was great but then coming to this one- Sweet Merlin! You can tell you've defenitely increasd your writing skills! The way you wrote it made everything make sense and I felt like it was really happening, that Tom and Chakotay would defenitely do that! (All of their actions, reactions, and thoughts were spot on with their plausibility!)


I then also loved how you turned their relationship from loathing and hating eachother to Chakotay slowly coming around and realizing how different Tom's character/personality/morals/traits were than how he'd originally thought. And then the whole dom and sub relationship!!  *squee!* *fans herself* so incredibly hot! And it added so much to their relationship and dynamic with the way you wrote Toms past in Auchland. :) lol I just love your Tom and Chakotay here. And then the whole amnesia thing threw me for a loop! I was NOT expecting that. And I think that's what a good author does -keep their readers on their toes. ;)


*sigh* My reviews gotten long my apologies, but I can't help it your fics have me smiling non stop I loved the whole thing. (I couldn't put it down) I also loved how you had Chakotays spirit beliefs come into play and that it wasn't Chakotay that had a full blown experience with his spirit first but Tom. :) I thought it was sweet that you had Tom so devoted and in love with Chakotay that he found himself believing in and callin out to his spirit animal. :) I love you author!! (And again sorry for spamming up your review section with something this long lol)

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