Reviews For The Burning Bed

Name: bunsdarien (Anonymous) · Date: 17/09/07 - 03:29 am · Chapter: Chapter Five
oh damn! Hope everything is going to be alright w/tom and the baby. Loving it!!

Author's Response: Now Tom's fine, I thought in Part Seven I'd give the team something else to worry about

Name: Ienn (Anonymous) · Date: 16/09/07 - 04:52 pm · Chapter: Chapter Four
Great, thanks for updating so soon again. And yes, you do love angst! But so do I! Oh, Chakotay as the angry Maquis warrior, that's the way I adore him the most. All protective and Macho! Can't wait to see what happens next! P.S. Thanks for the responses to my reviews, it gives them a nice personal touch! *Ienn*

Author's Response: Hi Ienn Yes, I love the Maquis warrior, the PTB sure missed a good storyline there. I like to reply to all the comments and notes of encouragement as I appreciate them so much and you're right it does add a personal touch from both ends and as a thank you, I've posted the next part and busy working on the one after that.

Name: Ienn (Anonymous) · Date: 15/09/07 - 01:03 am · Chapter: Chapter Two
It's lovely. Oh, and poor Tommy, Chakotay leaving like that. But I have to agree with him, children are the most important thing in a parents life! Please hurry with the next chapters, can't wait!

Author's Response: My first intentions was to do a happy ever after followup but as it's not been straight forward for the boys so far I didn't see why parenthood should be any different. I'm just a angst groupie. Thanks for your encouragment. Susie

Name: bunsdarien (Anonymous) · Date: 14/09/07 - 04:10 am · Chapter: Chapter One
oh, i hope he's not losing it. I want to know who the other daddy is. Keep it up! Me want more :D

Author's Response: Never did I expect to write a MPREG. With pressure from a friend, I've attempted it and suprisingly enjoyed iwriting t. Thanks for the feedback

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