Reviews For Caged

Name: Juddysbuddy (Signed) · Date: 03/01/10 - 11:49 pm · Chapter: Caged

I really enjoyed "Caged".   I felt really bad for Tom when he got out of the brig.  I was glad that the Captain helped him out herself since she was the one who punished him.  I also really like the scene in the holodeck.  J/P isn't my favorite pairing, but if it is well written I still love to read it.  I'm thrilled for any new Tom Paris stories!  I really liked that Kathryn was willing to go ahead with a relationship with Tom.  That whole idea of her not being able to have a relationship with a member of her crew never seemed right to me and now in the Bookverse Picard and Crusher are married and Riker and Troi are too and they still serve on the same ships.  Thank you for taking the time to write!


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