Name: EightOfNine (Signed) · Date: 21/03/10 - 03:53 pm · Chapter: Chapter 22

How about replicating a straw?? ;)

Author's Response:

Replicator's off-line (Corpse Reviver chapter), besides where's the fun in that? ;-)

Name: EightOfNine (Signed) · Date: 19/03/10 - 04:41 pm · Chapter: Chapter 20

Yeah, *sure* that's all... Just a drink of water... As if! (Very funny!)

Author's Response:

I've written that much C/P I'm running out of new excuses for them to lock lips - don't think I've used drinking water before though. 

Name: EightOfNine (Signed) · Date: 09/03/10 - 08:24 pm · Chapter: Chapter 10

Oooh yes! Looking forward to the next few chapters - I think this is about to get *very* interesting!

Author's Response:

Thanks, glad you are enjoying it - only 20 more little drabbles to go.

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