Reviews For Centerpiece

Name: amidalla95 (Signed) · Date: 29/01/17 - 08:05 pm · Chapter: none

I love this Fic and have read it here several times and also on your site.  I have noticed that the Fic is complete on your site but missing the final chapters here.  Will you please post the final chapters here for people to enjoy when they can not get to your site?  The way it ends here it leaves you hanging and wanting to see where it goes but it is very good.

Name: pfyre (Anonymous) · Date: 12/05/15 - 08:03 am · Chapter: none

Okay - I love this story and I am positive that when I read it awhile back [on a different archive?] it was longer, maybe 3 parts?

Name: amidalla95 (Signed) · Date: 03/11/12 - 12:32 pm · Chapter: none

I like this fic but I know that there is more to it than what is posted here.  Does anyone have the completed fic or know where to find the fic as her site is gone and I want to read all of it again.

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