Site Info

Site Information

The TPD has been maintained by a number of people, but is currently being looked after by banshee. If you have any questions, feel free to contact banshee using the "Contact Us" page.


There are currently 2 skins on offer at the TPD.


The "Helmboy" skin was designed by banshee in late 2009 in, what she says, is a celebration of the TPD's rebirth.

The site's backend was completely overhauled and upgraded, and the old skins could no longer cope with the new coding. Never fear, those old skins will resurface. Eventually!

banshee would like to thank the following sources for this skin's creation:


The "Mobile" skin was designed by kali, and it's perfectly designed to view your favourite fanfiction archive on your mobile device - especially iPhones!

Nothing has been altered in this skin.