The Turbolift by Bronte
Summary: Tom & Chakotay are stuck in a turbolift.
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1. None by Bronte

None by Bronte
The turbolift came to an abrupt stop.

“Computer, resume turbolift.”

*No response*

“Computer, resume turbolift!”

*No response*

“Chakotay to the bridge.”

“What is it, Commander?” asked Janeway.

“There seems to be a problem with turbolift 2. We seem to be stuck between decks 9 and 10. I’m not able to get a response from the computer in here. What can you figure out?” Chakotay tried not to sound too annoyed, but he wasn’t convinced that he succeeded.

“Give us a minute. I’ll have someone check on it and get back to you. In the meantime, just sit back and relax. We’ll have you out of there shortly. *Pause* By the way, who is ‘we’?” Janeway inquired.

“What?” Chakotay responded with a start. “Good going, Cha,” he thought to himself. “You sound like an idiot! She’ll know something’s up now!”

Janeway’s eyebrow arched in a true Vulcanish manner. “I said, who is ‘we’? You said ‘we’ seem to be stuck. Who else is stuck in the lift with you?” Janeway had a sneaking suspicion as to who his companion was and could have easily checked with the computer, but somehow she knew that Chakotay’s answer would be worth the wait.

She was greet with silence. “Very interesting,” she mused.

“Commander, did you hear me?” she asked with a falsely impatient tone.

“Ahhh, yes, Captain. I did,” Chakotay stuttered. He took a deep breath, trying to keep himself from saying something he’d regret about his companion, bringing down on him the wrath of Captain Kathryn Janeway! “I’m stuck in here with Mr. Paris. I’m sure we’d both appreciate it if you would hurry and fix the problem. Better yet, have Ensign Kim beam us directly to the bridge. That would be more ‘efficient’.”

Pleased with his ‘not-so-clever’ idea, Chakotay prayed to the Spirits that she take his suggestion--and do it quickly! He didn’t relish the idea of spending one more minute this close to Tom Paris.

Chakotay waited as patiently as he could for the Captain’s response, but was greeted with silence.

“Captain?” he asked sheepishly, after waiting what seemed like hours for her response. He knew he wasn’t going to like the answer when a chill when down his spine. “This is not going to be good!” he murmured to himself. Finally, the Captain spoke.

“My, my, my...,” she replied in her best sinister tone. “This is quite a ‘situation’ we have here.”

“Mr. Paris?” she drawled.

“Yes, ma’am?” he responded, surprised and unhappy that he was being drawn into this conversation. Tom had been uncharacteristically quiet as he watched the drama unfold between the Captain and her 'precious' First Officer. “Watching the great Commander squirm,” he thought, “is truly one of the greatest pleasures in life, right behind sex” Unfortunately, biting his tongue throughout this whole exchange was now proving more difficult since being brought into the conversation.

“I’m assuming you concur with the Commander’s recommendation to beam you to the bridge. Is that correct?” Janeway inquired.

Tom broke out of his reverie and responded sarcastically, “Yes, ma’am. I agree with the Commander. It would be the most ‘efficient’ use of our time.”

“Bad move Tommy-boy,” he sighed to himself. Tom regretted his tone as soon as the words left his mouth. He got the distinct impression that he was being set up by the Captain. Over the last couple of weeks, Tom had given up on the idea that he and Chakotay would ever be able to ‘play nice.’ They tried to be civil to each other, but lately their tempers had flared over insignificant things, culminating in a major blowout during yesterday morning’s briefing. Tom didn’t even remember what it was about, but he did remember the 30 minute tongue-lashing he received from the Captain later that morning. The only good thing about the whole affair was that Chakotay was called into her Ready Room for an entire hour! When he was finally released, he stormed out and headed straight for...

“Who gives a damn!” Tom thought. “It’s just too bad I didn’t hear what was said. Geez, that would have been sweet!”

Chakotay knew the other shoe was going to drop with Janeway’s next words. He knew his commanding officer and friend too well. He clenched his teeth until he thought his jaw would pop, thinking to himself, “Paris is such an ass! Of all the people on this ship, I’m stuck in a turbolift with him. The Spirits must be laughing their heads off!”

Finally, Chakotay heard the words he had been dreading. “Gentlemen, you might as well just relax,” Janeway stated in no-nonsense terms. “No one will be beamed out at this time. I suggest that you use this time wisely to mend the rift that has developed between you two. And let me say this, there will be hell to pay if you don’t FINALLY come to some understanding and stop the inappropriate behavior I’ve been seeing over the last couple of weeks. I am not running a daycare! Consider this an order. Find a way to get along or I’m making this a disciplinary matter, and you both know what that means! Janeway, out!”

“I guess that’s that,” Tom stated, looking at Chakotay, giving him his best smart-aleck grin. “What should we do next? Kiss and make up?”

Chakotay’s brain exploded. He had finally had enough of Tom Paris and his smart mouth. “I’ll teach him a lesson,” he thought. “Maybe he’ll finally learn to keep his mouth shut around me!”

Suddenly, Chakotay grabbed Tom by the shoulders, pushed him roughly against the wall of the turbolift, pinning his body so that he couldn’t move. The force of Chakotay’s actions surprised both men. “Tom,” Chakotay sneered. “Your request has been granted. Let’s kiss and make up!”

Tom was stunned at the rapid turn of events. Chakotay took advantage of the moment and kissed Tom forcefully on the lips, effectively stalling any attempt by the pilot to protest. After a couple of seconds, Chakotay broke away from the pilot’s lips and stared into his companion’s bright blue eyes, which were now filled with desire.

“Commander,” Tom gasped. “What the hell...?” Tom looked questioningly into Chakotay’s eyes, confused as to what this all meant. Suddenly, he no longer cared why this was happening...he just knew he wanted Chakotay more than anything else in the world.

It was at precisely the same moment that Chakotay realized he made a tactical error. The kiss, Tom’s eyes, the closeness of their bodies, their hardening erections--the mix was impossible to resist. His anger immediately dissolved into desire. Chakotay was in awe at the response of his body to the sensuality exuded by Tom Paris. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined this happening. Chakotay leaned in for another kiss, this one more gentle than the first. He felt the pilot’s lips respond to deepen the kiss. Their lips parted, allowing their tongues free reign, taking them both to depths of passion that neither had experienced in recent memory, not that their frazzled brains were capable of remembering anything anyway.

Chakotay once again broke away, this time to attack the creamy expanses of Tom’s neck, slowly nibbling away, alternating between kisses and licks, heading for that perfect spot just below the ear.

“Cha...Stop...What are we doing...? Are you sure...?” Tom croaked, almost too swept away to think rationally.

When he heard those words, Chakotay froze. He quickly stopped sampling his companion’s neck, leaned back, and released Tom from his hold. Chakotay’s face turned beet red, as he tried to gain control of his emotions. Tom had never seen the usually ‘in control’ commander act this way. It was refreshing! “Tom, I’m so sorry! I don’t know what’s come over me. I’m your commanding officer...I had no right to take advantage of you like this!” Chakotay cast his eyes downward, unable to look Tom in the eyes. “I’ll comm the captain and put myself on report...”

“Don’t you dare!” Tom yelled, grabbing Chakotay by both arms. “Look at me!”

Chakotay’s eyes remained downturned, his embarrassment evident.

“Look at me!” Tom yelled again. This time Chakotay looked up into Tom’s eyes. What he saw there made his heart soar. Tom wasn’t rejecting him. Tom was accepting him. Accepting him as his lover. Chakotay watched as Tom reached up and tenderly brushed his fingers across the older man’s cheek. This was all the encouragement Chakotay needed. He began another assault, starting with a long sensual kiss, while his hands began exploring the taller man’s body. “So strong. So lean,” Chakotay murmured to himself.

Suddenly the need to touch Tom was overpowering. “Too much clothing...” Chakotay
suddenly stammered, as he fumbled with Tom’s uniform jacket and shirt. Tom pushed him away and removed the garments himself, impatient with the clumsiness of the normally collected commander.

“You seem to be overdressed yourself,” Tom chuckled as a broad smile appeared on Chakotay’s face.

“That can be easily fixed!” Chakotay stated has he drew both his jacket and shirt over his head in one swoop, casually tossing them to the side of the turbolift.

Now that both men were bare-chested, Chakotay resumed his earlier exploration, beginning at the base of Tom’s neck, licking and biting his way to Tom’s taut, rosy nipple. Tom stopped Chakotay’s exploration, pulling him up so that they stood chest to chest. Tom reached for Chakotay’s erection and began slowly stroking it though the material of the trousers.

“Tom, please!!!” Chakotay begged.

“Please what??” Tom answered as he placed small kisses at the base of Chakotay’s neck.

Chakotay began moaning in pleasure from the gentle massage his erection was receiving. “Please...I need to feel your hand... your touch... my skin... closer... please!!!” Suddenly, he heard a zip. Tom’s hand reached in, freeing Chakotay’s painfully hard erection. Chakotay sighed with relief as Tom pulled down his underwear and trousers, puddling them around his ankles, leaving Tom free access to his penis. This relief was short-lived as Tom dropped to his knees and buried his face in the commander’s groin. Tom breathed deeply, savoring Chakotay’s musky scent. Tom was about to take the commander’s shaft into his mouth when his target suddenly dropped out of sight.

Chakotay’s knees had weakened and he was unable to hold himself up any longer. He dropped to his knees and found himself looking once again into the beautiful blue eyes of Tom Paris. Chakotay was lost in sensation, unable to react, except to the touch of Tom’s hand.

Tom grinned, now knowing that Chakotay was completely under his control. Tom was enjoying this moment a little too much for his own good, sliding easily into his old habits. Without thinking, he mocked, “I knew it all along! The calm, stoic commander is a pushover in the bedroom!”


Chakotay may have been lost in sensation, but he didn’t lose his ability to hear. His desire immediately returned to anger. The anger was short-lived, however, as the alpha-commander became determined to prove him wrong. Chakotay grabbed Tom, wrestling him to his back, pressing his full weight against slender body of the now powerless pilot. “I’ll show you who’s a pushover!” he spat. Chakotay straddled Tom’s legs, keeping one hand on Tom’s chest. He reached down, yanked at the zipper of Tom’s trousers, exposing the pilot’s throbbing erection.

“Lieutenant, you’re out of uniform,” Chakotay growled, secretly sporting a smile. Any lingering anger melted into full desire as he waited for Tom’s response.

“Huh?” Tom sputtered.

“Section 147, paragraph 7 of Star Fleet Regulations states that all officers must wear underwear at all times while on duty,” lied Chakotay. “I’ll have to place you on report.”

“I don’t remember that regulation...... Chakotay! You’re full of shit!” Tom laughed, smiling at the commander looming over him. “This is as good as it gets!” Tom thought happily.

“Well, if you don’t remember that regulation, then you probably don’t remember this one...” Chakotay lowered his head, taking Tom’s erection into his mouth, stretching out his body so that he was laying between Tom’s legs. Tom leaned back, shutting his eyes, enjoying every sensation that resulted from Chakotay’s talented ministrations. Tom moaned over and over, losing himself as Chakotay twirled his tongue around the end of his cock.

Then suddenly, a voice penetrated their world of ecstacy.

“Janeway to Chakotay.”

Startled, Chakotay frantically grabbed his discarded jacket, located his comm badge and replied breathlessly, “Chakotay, here!”

“It’s going to take longer than expected to fix the turbolift, so I’ve decided to take your advice and beam you both to the bridge. Mr. Kim? Energize.”

“No, wait!!!” Chakotay shouted, just before the beam transported them to the bridge. Tom barely had time to grab his jacket and attempted to cover his chest with it. They materialized next to the captain. Chakotay was still laying between Tom’s legs, head above Tom’s groin, his trousers around his ankles. Tom was flat on his back, his chest half-covered, though not covering the love bite Chakotay had given him earlier near his nipple.

Chakotay slid up Tom’s body, trying to give him a little more privacy. It didn’t work. “Damn it! How stupid! Tom, why did we grab our comm badges?!?”

Realization hit Tom like a load of bricks. Without the comm badges, they never would have been transported to the bridge. “Welcome to the world of Paris timing, Cha!” Tom snickered.

“Gentlemen,” Janeway purred. “I’m glad to see that you followed my orders and are getting along better. However, this is not exactly what I meant. You have 1 hour to ‘compose’ yourselves as you see fit. After that, I expect you, Chakotay, as senior officer, to report to my ready room to make a complete report.” Janeway bent down and whispered so only the two embarrassed men could hear, “I want a blow by blow you better make it good!” Janeway broke into a wide grin and chuckled, “Mr. Kim, beam them directly to the commander’s quarters.”

The last thing Tom and Chakotay heard was laughter ringing out across the bridge as they beamed to Chakotay’s quarters.


“I hate you...” Tom murmured.

“I hate you too...” Chakotay cooed.


“Cha, don’t you think we should get started?”

“Get started with what?”

“The blow by blow account, of course!”

The End

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