Speechless by Bronte
Summary: Chakotay asks Tom out on a date.
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1. None by Bronte

None by Bronte
Disclaimer: If Paramount wants this, they can have it. Once you read it, you know I won’t make money off of it.
Challenge: Noelle’s First Line Challenge

I remember being surprised when he asked me out. Actually I was in shock. So shocked, that I was speechless! Me, Tom Paris. Can you believe it?

I was sitting alone at a table in the mess hall, attempting to eat the green glop Neelix was serving.

“Do you mind if I join you?” Chakotay asked.

“No, not at all,” I responded.

It went downhill from there. We chatted for a couple of minutes--actually having a good time for a change. He was smiling, dimples showing, expression animated. I remember thinking that he’s pretty cute--okay, maybe I didn’t think cute. Maybe adorable. Maybe gorgeous. Okay, I thought fuckable. Yep, I wanted to fuck the commander. Right there, on the spot. Green glop as lube--well give me a break! It was the same consistency...

Anyway, I was almost finished with my dinner, pleased that it was going to stay down for a change, when he popped the question.

“Tom, would you like to go out with me...on a date...tomorrow night?”

Yep. You guessed it. I froze. There I was, with my last forkful of food halfway to my mouth, doing a great imitation of a statue. Green glop was dripping through the tines of my fork, my mouth gaping open, my eyes bulging. I’m sure it was an attractive sight! I don’t know how long I sat there, but it was long enough to see the commander turn pale, make a quick apology, and disappear to parts unknown.

Okay, I do know where he disappeared to. I asked the computer. Chakotay took off for his cabin. Gods, I was embarrassed. I’ve always possessed a silver tongue. I have the reputation of being able to talk myself out of any situation. Well, not Caldik Prime. Not prison. Not the time I crashed my father’s shuttle into Lake Tahoe. Hmmm. But almost every other time, though! Besides, how hard it is to say ‘yes’!

Well, obviously pretty hard for me, since I didn’t utter a single word. So, what was I going to do to get a fuck, I mean a date, with the commander? Instead of scheming, lets just say that I was lost in my daydreams, with Chakotay as the lead participant. Boy are we good together!

Just when he bent over my lap, waiting to be spanked *Oops! Too much information!* B’Elanna showed up. Why did she have to pick that time to show up at the mess hall? I didn’t want to talk to her right then. Ex-girlfriends are a drag. I had dreams to be dreamed, thoughts to be thought. I finally dropped my fork back onto my plate, said hi/bye to my friend, begged forgiveness that I had to run, and took off to redeem myself in the eyes of my newest obsession.

I stood for the longest time outside his door, wondering what I was going to say. A couple of the crew walked by, but I barely noticed them. Actually, now that I think about it, Ayala was one of them--and he walked by twice! That dog! He probably snuck back later on to spy on us locked away in Chakotay’s cabin--I don’t trust security people--especially ones that are ex-Maquis.

Oh, sorry. I got ahead of myself. Anyway, I started to get butterflies in my stomach the more I stood there. I thought that maybe I was going to get a second taste of the green glop after all. Yuck! Just then, the doors opened and I was face to face with ‘my’ commander. I assumed the position. *No, not that one!*

The position I’m talking about was the ‘mouth gaping open, eyes bulging’ one. I was real cool, if you know what I mean. Yep. Didn’t say a word. Just stood there. Like a statue. Frozen solid. Sound familiar?

“Tom, do you have something to say to me?”




“Yes, you have something to say?”


“What do you have to say?”


I just don’t understand why he didn’t get it? I could only say one word, and I was lucky that I could spit it out. At least I was making progress in the speech department. Yes, I had something to say! Yes, I’ll go out with you! I thought I was being clear. Okay, I was just being pathetic.

“Tom, I don’t know what you mean?”


At least it was a few more sounds--give a guy a break! Besides, you should feel sorry for a guy who sounds like an idiot. I know I had a look on my face of total despair--I sure felt it! My best hope at getting laid was going to close the door on me and never look at me again. Arghh! So I tried again.


Chakotay waited.

“Go out.”

Chakotay smiled--Gods, I love his dimples! I felt strong hands on my arms, pulling me inside his cabin. The door closed behind me.

I got laid.

I remember being surprised when he asked me out for a second date....


The End.

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