Any Other Name by Zappy Zaps
Summary: When the crew of Voyager is saved from the Kazon by a mysterious stranger solving the puzzle surrounding him raises more questions than answers. Only Tom can answer their questions but due to the plotting of a treacherous crewmember he may not get a chane to.
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Part 10 by Zappy Zaps
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Part 10

Tom ran through the corridor Harry had gone through only a few minutes earlier. He reached the computer room in record time but his progress was thwarted as he nearly ran into the doors to the room. He ordered the computer to open the door but it responded that there was an internal error.

Wedging his fingers between the seal of sliding doors Tom forced them open knowing that once it was open far enough the door’s mechanism would pull them all the way apart.

The lights were not functioning when Tom walked cautiously into the room. Some light from the hallway illuminated the room but it was not enough to see clearly what was lurking inside.

“Harry!” Tom called out hoping that the Ensign would respond. It took him a few minutes to thoroughly search the area but he found nothing. “Computer what’s the location of Ensign Kim?”

‘Unknown,’ was the response.

“That doesn’t help,” Tom mumbled as he walked out of the room. “Computer how many site-to-site transports have there been in the last five minutes?”


“Where did it originate?”

‘Deck six, section B-6.’

“What’s the destination?”


Tom sighed in frustration. Did the computer feel like being difficult? He didn’t spend any more time contemplating that question. Harry was in trouble and he had to help him.

“Janeway to Paris,” Tom’s commbadge chirped.

“What?” Tom responded rather rudely as he walked purposefully through the corridor to the nearest turbolift.

“You’re needed in forward navigation. The ships course had been altered and nothing we try on the bridge is working.” Janeway ignored Tom’s sharp tone knowing that he was under quite a bit of stress.

“I can’t do that right now Captain, Ensign Kim is in danger and I believe our traitor is with him,” Tom explained. “If we find her we can get the information we need and undo what she’s done.”

On the bridge Chakotay and Janeway glanced at each other wondering to whom Tom was referring to.

“Who are we looking for, Tom?” Janeway inquired.

“Ensign Seska. Paris out.”

Tom went to main engineering; If he wanted to take over the ship he’d do it from there or the bridge. Seska was and engineer so she’d be familiar with the layout and the systems. Engineers were working at various stations and everything looked in order when Tom arrived.

Tom moved to a station and accessed internal sensors. He soon found that they were not functioning properly either. He went into his personal database and implemented a few programs and modifications to the system. A few seconds later sensors were back on line and better than before. Tom ran a scan for Ensign Kim’s comm. signal.

“What are you doing?” Tom turned and saw B’Elanna coming towards him.

“Looking for someone,” was all he said and went back top interpreting his results.

“What is this?” Torres asked not recognizing what was being displayed on the screen. There was a small symbol at the top left corner that she didn’t recognize. Before she could ask another question Tom walked away from the station looking up at the higher level. He was looking for something but she didn’t know what.

“Tom, what are you doing?” Torres said forcefully, not to be ignored again.

“Looking for Harry.” He was still looking at the upper level. Tom ran to the lift to take him to the next level and was joined by Torres. Harry was her friend and if he was in trouble, she wanted to help.

The lift seemed to ascend too slowly. Every second that passed was another second that Harry was in the care of Seska. As the second level came into view they saw Seska working at a console in a secluded corner.

As the lift stopped there was a slight clicking sound that Seska easily heard alerting her to their presence. She glance over and her eye’s locked with Tom for a moment before she picked up her weapon hauled as dazed Ensign Kim from the floor. She positioned him in front of her, using his body as a shield.

Tom took out the phaser he had taken from the bridge and aimed it at her while Seska aimed her weapon at Tom. Tom didn’t dare shoot. Seska was well protected by Harry’s position and Tom didn’t want to risk hitting him.

“Give it up Seska,” Tom yelled. He wanted the people on the lower level to hear him.

“You wouldn’t hurt your dear friend,” Seska spat at him.

“You don’t know me,” Tom said. He saw Harry’s eyes widen slightly. Harry didn’t know that if Tom was going to take the risk and try and hit Seska, he would have done it already.

“You’re bluffing.”

Tom stood there silently for a full minute. He, Harry, B’Elanna and Seska could hear the commotion on the lower level as security was summoned to the main engineering.

“I can wait Seska,” Tom said with an evil smile.

Seska reached out and touched another button on the console near her. Suddenly the ship lurched and both Tom and B’Elanna were thrown against the guardrail. B’Elanna managed to keep herself from tumbling over it but Tom was not so lucky. As he fell over the edge he managed to grab the edge of the rail with one arm. Pain ripped through his left shoulder as he strained to maintain his hold.

Out of the corner of his eye Tom saw Seska push Harry away from her and call for a site-to-site transport. Tom raised his right arm and fired at her from his dangling position but the blast of energy only hit her dematerialized particles.

“Damn it,” he cursed. Tom looked down. It wasn’t *that* far to the lower level. He released his grip and he fell to the lower level of engineering. He landed in a crouched position without causing further injury to himself. Standing he rubbed his left shoulder.

“Harry, you okay?” Tom called not looking up.

“Yeah, I think so,” Harry responded as he rubbed the spot on his head where Seska had hit him to knock him out. The gesture was made slightly awkward as Seska had bound his wrist together.

“I need you to finish your work on the sensors,” Tom said as he walked to the main exit.

“Where are you going?” Harry asked.

“To get some payback,” Tom said as he left. B’Elanna and Harry looked at each other wondering what he intended on doing.

“Bridge to Engineering,” Janeway’s voice rang throughout main engineering. “What’s going on down there?”

“Seska did something to our systems,” Torres said as she walked to the console that Seska had been using a few moments earlier. “I’m locked out of the propulsion systems and our speed is increasing.”

Harry was looking over her shoulder and saw the destination. “Captain, we’re on a rendezvous course with the nearest Kazon cruiser,” Harry supplied.

Janeway was relieved to here Harry’s voice as were the others on the bridge that were aware of his earlier plight. “Understood. Lieutenant, do what ever you can. Ensign, we need you on the bridge,”

“Aye Capatin,” Torres and Kim said simultaneously. The channel closed and Torres went straight to work.

“Hey, Maquis,” Harry interrupted her. She looked at him. Harry raised his wrists and displayed the security bindings that Seska had used on him. “A little help.”

Tom arrived at forward navigation. His priorities changed once he heard that Voyager was heading towards a Kazon ship. His hunt for Seska was on hold for now. He had to help get Voyager out of immediate danger first.

In forward navigation Tom and other officers worked diligently but there progress was not a good reflection of their effort. They had managed to do little, only adjusting Voyager’s course slightly and a few minutes after they did that the course was changed back to the Seska’s. Tom and several others noticed.

“Who did that?” Tom asked and looked around at the officers. No one responded. Tom went back to his console. There were only a few places on the ship which are capable of altering Voyager’s course without significant modification: engineering, the bridge, forward navigation and auxiliary engine control on deck thirteen.

Cheking with the computer Tom was able to confirm that there was a Bajoran lifesign in the room which was always locked down except during emergencies.

“Computer reroute forty gigawatts to station AEC-03,” Tom ordered.

‘Rerouting forty gigawatts of power to AEC-03 presents severe risk of injury and damage-‘

“Override: Tom-gamma-2.” The computer chirped in response and Tom watched with his arms crossed as the computer indicated that console AEC-03 was severely damaged.

“Paris to transporter room one. Medical emergency,” Tom said not sounding at all distressed or concerned, “transport the person in auxiliary engine control to sickbay.”

“Aye sir,” the transporter chief responded.

“Paris to Janeway. Seska’s in sickbay,” Tom informed her.

“We’ll meet you there.” Janeway said and closed the commlink.

Tom arrived in Sickbay and found that Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok and two security officers were already there. Janeway nodded at him and they watched for a few more minutes as the Doc treated Seska’s burns.

“I’ve treated the burns and made a few interesting discoveries along the way,” the Doctor told those assembled.

“What kind of discoveries?” Chakotay asked.

“Ensign Seska here is not Bajoran.” The doctor saw the various degrees of scepticism on the faces of those before him. “Before you ask, no, I’m not mistaken. Her blood contains none of the usual Bajoran blood indicators and no medical procedure or illness can account for that drastic a finding.”

“If she’s not Bajoran then what?” Chakotay asked as a deluge of emotion threatened to overcome him.

“According to dormant the base pairs sequences I’ve found, I believe she is actually Cardassian.” All eyes in the room focused on the unconscious form on the biobed in the blue sickbay robe. Cardassian?

“Wake her,” Janeway ordered, more than ready to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Against his better judgment the Doctor complied. He presses a hypospray to Seska’s neck and a few seconds later Seska’s eyes slowly opened. It took her a moment to remember what had happened but when she did she bolted upright in the bed only to be greeted by three phasers aimed at her; Two from the security guards and one from Tuvok.

“Seska,” the Doctor greeted and stepped away to let the command officers do their job.

Seska looked at the officers assembled. When she saw Tom she knew he was the one responsible for her console overloading. Tom smirked slightly and managed to further infuriate the pseudo-Bajoran.

“Seska, tell me how to get past the lock out,” Janeway demanded.

The other woman gave her a cold laugh. “I won’t be ordered around by a weak human such as you.”

“Seska, do it,” Chakotay said with cold anger in his voice.

“And you, listening to this” she waved a hand at the Captain. “What happened to the strong Maquis Captain that I used to know? Now you’re nothing but another ‘fleet lackey.” She tilted her head to the side and took a better look at her former Captain. “I don’t know what I ever saw in you.”

“Seska, it’s over. Let’s end this now,” Janeway said.

“It’s only begun, Captain.” Seksa practically spat.

“Kim to Janeway.”

“Go ahead,” Janeway replied not breaking eye contact with Seska.

“The sensors have been faulty all this time. I’ve managed to reverse the changes and the nearest Kazon vessel is almost within weapons range and several others are thirty minutes away,” Harry announced.

“Any progress with navigation?”


“Raise shields and charge weapons,” Janeway ordered. Kim acknowledged and then closed the link.

“I told you Captain, it’s only just begun,” Seska said. She looked to Tom, “Especially for you.” Before anybody could ask what she was babbling about Seska addressed the computer. “Initiate Seska-8-3-3-1.”

Voyager’s computer recognized the command and carried it out. Transporters were engaged, targeting sensors locked onto Seska and Tom and transported them off the ship.

“Computer override: Janeway-lambda-pi.” She hoped to stop the tranports in progress.

‘Unable to comply.’ The computer intoned in its hollow voice.

They watched helplessly as their traitor and their liberator vanished in the sparkling blue of the transporter beam.

“Kim to Janeway, Seska and Tom have been transported off the ship to the Kazon vessel off our port bow. The Kazon vessels retreating and full navigational control has been returned. Should we pursue?” Harry asked wanting to go after them but knowing that with the threat of over half a dozen Kazon vessels approaching they would not survive long if they did.

Janeway made the hard decision. “No, lay in an escape route and engage at maximum warp when ready.”

There was no reply for a few seconds as Harry kept himself from protesting. “Aye Captain,” was the fairly terse reply.

“Tom Paris, I presume,” Maj Cullah said as he circled Tom. His arms were bound behind him and there were four armed security personnel in the room along with Seska who was shooting him an irritating smile.

Tom didn’t respond to the Maj’s question. Cullah not being a patient man lashed out and punched Tom in the stomach with all his might. Tom double over and collapsed to one knee.

“You will respond when I ask you a question,” Cullah informed the half-human who glared up at him defiantly. “I have many questions for you. You managed to take Voyager from us and you will get it back for us,” Cullah said.

Without warning Tom tackled Cullah to the ground. Tom was up first and stepped on the Kazon’s neck restricting his breathing. The Kazon guards had their weapons raised and would have shot Tom but Seska stopped them. She wanted Cullah to know that this being stronger than he looked.

“You won’t get anything from me,” Tom hissed.

“You forget who’s in charge here Paris,” Seska said. “I can have you killed with a snap of my fingers.” Tom looked over his shoulder and glared at her for a few moments. Tom could feel Cullah squirming underneath his foot. Tom stepped off his neck letting Cullah breath the air his lungs were no doubt burning for.

“Very good, Paris,” Seska congratulated with a triumphant smirk. She grabbed one of the guard’s disruptors and without provocation she fired it at Tom. The blast hit him squarely on the chest and he fell to the ground struggling to stay conscious.

Seska walked over to him and crouched down so Tom could see her. His sight was failing him as the darkness started to constrict his field of vision. The last thing he saw was Seska’s Bajoran face.

“I’ll break you Mr. Paris, just like we broke your father.”

Everything went black and Tom was left to the mercy of the Kazon and mercy was something they had not intention of showing him.

Hours later on Voyager the senior staff was assembled in the conference room. They had secured the ship’s systems and out ran the Kazon, so they were fairly safe. The most pressing issue right now was Tom.

“We have to go after him.” Harry said.

“That is inadvisable.” Tuvok said. “We are out numbered. While Voyager possesses superior weaponry and shielding, we cannot successfully rescue Mr. Paris alone.”

“Then we’ll get some help,” Janeway said. “I won’t let the Kazon take a member of my crew.” All around the table understood the implication of her last words. Tom had accepted Janeway’s offer and was now officially part of Voyager’s crew. “Janeway to Neelix, report to the briefing room immediately.”

“Aye Captain,” came Neelix’s eager response.

“We’ll need every advantage we can get to rescue Tom,” Janeway continued.

“Tom has a database full of programs and other information that we might be able to use,” Harry announced to the group.

“I thought it was encrypted.” Chakotay said.

“He decrypted some of it when we were trying to find who was sabotaging Voyager,” said Kim. “It’s probably still decrypted. I might be able to get into more of it with some luck.”

“Do it.”

End Part 10

Short chapter, I know. Still more to come so stick around!
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