A Light Touch by Stormraven23
Summary: Chakotay helps Tom fulfill a fantasy. I found an article in a certain magazine I like to read and I immediately thought of the boys fitting into the story.
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1. none by Stormraven23

none by Stormraven23
Author: Stormraven23
Series: VOY
Codes: C/P
Part: 1/1
Rating: NC-17, light bondage
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Summary: Chakotay helps Tom fulfill a fantasy. I found
an article in a certain magazine I like to read and I
immediately thought of the boys fitting into the
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‘A Light Touch’

A frantic session of hot sweaty sex with my lover,
Chakotay, to me there’s nothing better than that to
top off the day. Lying together in the afterglow of
such session, we shared what we enjoyed the most about

“I really love the way you wrap my long legs around
your waist driving you deeper into me and holding me
tight so I have no choice but to come.” I felt my ass
muscles twitch as I blushed when I told him.

“I loved it too.” He fingered the nipple on my chest
causing it to harden into a nub of pleasure. “Do you
know what else I love about you?”

“No, what?” I encouraged although I knew I would be
blushing even deeper in a moment. True confessions is
not one of my strong points and sharing intimates is
another that Chakotay had been working on with me.

“I love the helpless look on your face when I pinned
your hands down and wouldn’t let you move. It really
turned me on.” Chakotay admitted as he kissed the tip
of my nose.

Knowing my face was now a deep shade of red, I
stammered out how I also felt turned on by it too. “I
also loved it when I couldn’t move. It was incredibly
sexy almost like you had me tied up and all the power
belonged to you. I was so turned on by being

Chakotay just looked at me thoughtfully before he
replied to my confession. “I enjoyed it immensely. If
you like, I could do that to you. I would really tie
you up and make you mine.”

A shiver ran through me at the erotic thoughts racing
through my head and I was still a little hesitant. “I
don’t know about giving up the control. I’m scared to
be tied up and unable to move, but it’s still such a
turn on at the thought of it.” I had never shared this
fantasy of mine with anyone before and Chakotay had
been my lover for a long time now.

“We can do this slowly,” Chakotay offered, “you can
stop it at any time you’re uncomfortable. Pick a safe
word and if you say it I will stop immediately.” His
hands were playing with my nipples and rubbing the
hair on my chest.

“Butterfly,” I choose as my safeword and Chakotay
snickered but agreed that if I said it he would stop
and let me go.

The first attempt was that very night as Chakotay held
my hands over my head while taking me. Needing to move
his hands to other places, I agreed to keep my hands
in place like they were already tied. Even though
there were no restraints in sight, I was very highly
aroused at not being allowed to move. I wanted to run
my hands through that thick black hair of his as he
went down and took me into his mouth but I heeded his
command and kept my hands where they belonged.

After so much begging and pleading on my part,
Chakotay finally drove his cock into my ass taking
great pleasure in teasing me. He took great delight in
fucking me long and slow driving me crazy when he
knows I like it hard and fast. He pushed his cock in
just a little bit and than withdraw waiting until I
begged than tease me again with the just the tip of it
just inside my ass. I shifted my ass trying to take
him in deeper but he just laughed and pulled away.

Chakotay towered over me with a very devious look in
his dark eyes and I gave in to the fates surrendering
to my fate. The imaginary restraints held me in place
while he fucked me long and slow until he gave in and
switched to hard and fast trying to drive me through
the mattress. Coming at the same time, he promised to
replicate some restraints the next morning.

The next afternoon when I got off my shift at the
helm, I came home to our quarters and found that
Chakotay had installed restraints on our bed. My body
tingled when I found them to be leather with fur on
the inside so I would not be injured in case of a
struggle. Than it hit, Chakotay was really going to
tie me up and go through with my fantasy.

To my jumpy nerves, which grew more frazzled as the
evening wore on, Chakotay made me wait until dinner
was over with making my excitement grow. Leading me
into the bedroom once the table was cleared, he
undressed me and laid me down on the bed. Tenderly, he
kissed my left hand as he fastened the leather and fur
cuff to my wrist leaving it immobile. The other one
he slipped over my wrist, but did not fasten it.

“I’m not going to fasten this one. If you need to
stop, drop this and say butterfly,” Chakotay said as
he kissed me softly on the lips. “I’ll only take this
as far as you want to go.” I nodded in agreement
trusting him with everything I had that he wouldn’t
hurt me. I held onto the cuff, as I had no intention
of letting it go.

Standing up, Chakotay undressed and climbed back into
the bed to join me kissing me gently and tenderly. His
kisses traveled down the length of my face, throat and
out onto my chest where he stopped for awhile to play
and torment my nipples. When they were stiff and hard
into nubs of pleasure he continued on down my belly
stopping to French kiss my navel making me laugh. It
tickled. Further down, he kissed the tip of my hard
weeping cock, pushed my legs apart and ignored the
hard stiffness in favor of tormenting my inner thighs
with kissing and sucking on the tender skin.

I was floating in a state of pleasure as Chakotay
began sucking on my cock. His fingers slipped inside
of my ass, finger fucking me as he sucked me into the
moment so ecstatic that I was glad of the bounds when
I came. They gave me something to hold onto as I
bucked and writhed under his tongue. When I was done,
he climbed up and began kissing me senseless.

“Com on, baby. I’m undoing you now.” Chakotay smiled
as he released me from the bounds. I felt some pins
and needles in my flesh as the blood flooded back into
my arms.

“Thank you. I love you so much,” I replied still
recovering but curious to know if Chakotay would be
interested in the same thing. “You’ve never mentioned
if the same thing appealed to you.”

“I’m willing to try it,” Chakotay helped me up and lay
down in my place with his arms outstretched while his
eyes showed me his trust also. I restrained him the
same way he had for me with the left bound and the
right hand just holding the cuff.

Starting with a deep kiss that left Chakotay
breathless and his eyes glittering, I kissed my way
down his lovely dark skinned torso and soon approached
his hard cock. I took him into my mouth, licking,
sucking and swirling until his body was shaking with
delight. He was straining against the bounds wanting
to run his hands through my hair and assist me in
handling his cock but he never let go.

Chakotay was so turned on by all that was going on the
evening that he came with the image of me tied down
that it didn’t take him long to come and soon I was
greedily swallowing and licking him clean. When I was
done, I undid his hands and we both fell into a deep

We’d some pleasurable times with bondage since that
night and after about a month of experimentation we
decided to celebrate with dinner with Chakotay hinting
at a new adventure tonight. It got me excited and I
knew it would be something with me all tied up and not
able to do anything about it. I loved it.

Back in our quarters, Chakotay stripped off my clothes
until I was down to my underwear and pulled out the
leather-padded cuffs attaching them to my wrists.
Taking a length of rope he tied the cuffs to a newly
installed large hook in the ceiling of the bedroom.
With both of my hands high in the air, I had to stand
so I couldn’t even bend my knees any. Chakotay walked
me surveying me like a side of beef his gaze making me
weak in the knees with the arousal running rampant
through me.

“What are your plans for me?” I asked in my

“Anything I want to, Tommy.” The answer might have
sounded threatening but his half smile and the tone of
his voice let me know that I had nothing to worry
about. His broad hands moved over my pale skin just
skimming with light feather light caresses designed to
drive me crazy.

I wanted more like harder touches, but he wasn’t doing
any of it my way since he was having fun teasing me.
He turned away and took something out of the dresser.

Chakotay pulled out another set of padded cuffs, a
blindfold and a leather paddle and I started to worry
since we had just started this experimentation it
seemed like he was getting carried away. He noticed my
apprehension and reassured me that I could stop this
at any time. As he placed the blindfold over my eyes,
I relaxed under his touch as I found a strange comfort
in the darkness.

“My blond angel. Your so beautiful standing there at
my mercy and allowing me to do whatever I want with
you.” His voice was low and melodic and it touched me
deeply as I pulled on the bonds. His hands traced down
my body and slowly removed my briefs. I was wondering
how I looked totally exposed to him in all my naked
glory with my arms and hands bound over my head and my
ass and cock on display for him.

Soon I felt the paddle, the soft leather of it,
rubbing over my skin producing a tingling feeling in
my flesh. It was curious that such a sensuous feeling
could be experienced by a harsh implement. Chakotay
began warming the skin on my ass with the paddle
hitting me lightly to warm up the skin and my legs
felt weak as strange feelings of pleasure rushed
through my body.

Putting the paddle down, he took my ass in his hands
rubbing the warm skin while I tried to rub my hard
cock against him. I heard him laugh as he pulled away.
“I knew you would get off on this, my love.”

Missing his touch, I whimpered wanting whatever I
could get him to do to me. I wanted his lips on my
cock and his cock thrusting hard and fast in my butt.
Instead, he decided to torment me with squeezing and
pinching the nipples on my chest until they were stiff
and hard. His warm wet lips replaced his hands as he
sucked on the little nubs while I writhed against him
hoping to get him to put that lovely mouth to use on
my cock. Or better yet fuck me.

He moved away from me but I could hear him taking his
clothes off as I whimpered and wiggled my ass
hopefully. I felt his cock against my hip as he held
me and I begged him to fuck me while I pulled in vain
against the bounds.

“Not yet, beautiful. You don’t want this to end too
soon, do you?” Disappointed, I sighed that was
quelled when hands rubbed behind my ball sac and
lightly along my weeping cock.

“Chakotay, please. I need you so badly. Can you feel
how much I need you?” I twisted around trying to get
him to make harder contact with little success.

He ran a finger over the end of my cock gathering up
the precum and brought it to my mouth where I lapped
it up greedily. Hearing him moving around, I wondered
what else he was up? Hadn’t he shown me everything or
did I miss something? Then I felt the second set of
cuffs being fastened to my ankles. Something was
clipped to each cuff and all of a sudden, I found I
could not move my legs. I could not close or open them
and it seemed like it was some sort of bar holding my
legs apart and keeping me even more exposed to him.

A moist tongue and a hot mouth started to slowly lick
and kiss his way up from one of my legs to my groin
area. The touch was so light and gentle that I wanted
to wrap my legs around his face and fuck his mouth
until I came. My frustration mounted since I couldn’t
move my legs spread as far apart as they were.

Relenting, Chakotay took my cock in his mouth and
sucked on it until I was swaying and thrashing around
hanging from the ropes and trying to pull away.
Pulling me back, he got behind me and oiled my behind
stretching and loosening me up to take his cock. I
wanted more but I was the one hanging helpless from
the ceiling with my legs spread wide apart and I was
loving every moment of it.

Slowly, ever so slowly he filled my ass with his large
brown cock and I was unable to push myself even harder
on it. It was such sweet torment as he filled me and
slowly took my cock in his hand holding it tightly. I
had to bite down hard to prevent myself from coming
since I wanted to wait and come with my lover at the
same time if I could.

Pushing his cock all the way in, Chakotay’s balls were
soon resting against the back of my legs. His cock
bumped into my sweet spot sending liquid fire through
me as he held onto my hips moving me back and forth on
his hard length. Several moments of this friction
along with the heat of my ass and the bondage I was in
helplessly I was reaching new heights.

“Please, Chakotay, please let me come,” I wailed. It
seemed like he was ready to come also as he began to
pump harder as I felt skin slapping skin. When I
started to come my ass muscles clenched onto his cock
as I felt him filling me with his creamy juices as I
screamed into my orgasm. My body spasmed as it didn’t
know which way to go in my bounds.

After a few last thrusts, Chakotay let his cock slide
out of my wet and warm ass as he removed my blindfold
to let me see myself in our mirror. There was quite
sight in front of me as I stood there with my hands
bound over my head and my ankles attached to a long
black bar. Sweat was running down my forehead, my
chest and stomach and my blond hair was plastered to
my flushed face as I breathed heavily.

Chakotay stood behind me watching my expressions and
my reactions to the closeness of his beautiful body as
the sight of my helplessness turned me on once again.
I couldn’t wait to do it all over again as we smiled
at each other knowingly.

The End
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