Letter From Dad by Ronda
Summary: What the letter from Tom's Dad might have said.
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1. na by Ronda

na by Ronda
"Letter from Dad"
by Ronda Sexton

Dear Tom,

Starfleet has informed me that you are alive. Since I heard the news, so many emotions have churned up in me. My son, who I thought was dead, lost to me forever is alive. Alive, but so far from home.

When Voyager was declared lost fourteen months ago, I felt as if my entire world had collapsed. I knew then, I had no hope of reconciliation with you.

You must be scoffing at the thought. Tom, I was wrong. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. Goodness knows that I don't deserve your forgiveness, but I'm asking for it anyway. If only I could undo all that I said that night, all the things I said before then too. Since Voyager disappeared in the Bad Lands, those words have echoed in my brain, mocking me. Harsh, terrible words to my son, my only son.

I'm afraid you'll think it's too little, too late. I clearly remember the night I threw you out of the house. I told you that your were no longer my son, and that I never wanted to see you again. How those words haunt me now. For barring a miracle, I'll never see you again. The alien relays will help us keep touch with Voyager. My greatest fear is that you won't want to have any contact with me. I fear you will reject me as I rejected you that horrible night.

If you want nothing to do with me, I'll understand. After what I've done to you, I am not worthy to be called father, let alone the more loving term, dad. I hope with all my heart that you will forgive a foolish old man.

Your ship's Doctor told me all about you. I was so happy to hear of you, knowing that in spite of the way I treated you, that you have become a fine officer. I was wrong about so many things, Tom. I am so proud of you, so proud that I'm your father. I love you son, and I hope you will forgive me.


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