Zeula by Kimbo
Summary: Ayala and Tom want to become parents, how will the crew cope with a Zeula male being pregnant?
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1. Part 1 by Kimbo

2. Part 2 by Kimbo

Part 1 by Kimbo

Sequel to Secret Admirer


Set six months after Secret Admire.

Summary: Ayala and Tom want to become parents, how will the crew cope
with a Zeula male being pregnant?

After finished another dull shift, Tom entered his quarters, frowning
when his husband wasn't there, since his shift ended earlier than his
did for a doctor appointed and should have arrived at their quarters
before he did, grinning as he thought of his husband of six months of
marital bliss, Gregor Ayala-Paris, dark haired with soulful brown eyes,
while he was slim and leggy, Greg had bulk and tall, not an inch of
excess fat on him, he liked to keep fit, grinning as his remembered just
how Greg gets most of his excise, and it was not the normal way either
by visiting the gym, they had a real active sex life. Shaken out of his
muse when a pair of arms encircled his waist, "You better not let my
husband catch you." Moving his neck to allow Greg's mouth more room on
his neck, as he lightly nibbled and sucked on his neck.
Lifting his mouth off Tom's neck as he admired his handiwork, asked,
"Mmm and what would he do?"
Turning so he faced his husband saying, "Oh I don't know, he's a very
jealous man, he could do anything."
Leaning in for a kiss, Greg latched onto the blond's ass and giving it a
squeeze as he replied, "Only of what's mine, Angel."
"Mmm and how was your day Honey Bear?" Tom asked as he slipped his hands
into Greg's off duty pants smiling as he encounter bare skin under his
jeans, caressing Greg's ass, slipping a finger into his cleft.
"Mmm nice," Pressing closer, Greg felt Tom's harden member against his
thigh. At Tom's unasked question, Greg told him, "It's a waste of time
wearing any."
"Mmm I tend to agree."
"God Angel lets move this to the bedroom, I don't to get another lecture
from the Doc about the proper use of the bed again."
Chuckling as he remember that lecture they both received after going to
him with cases of rug burn, slowing moving without moving his hand, as
he lead Greg to their bedroom.
Greg groaned as Tom slipped a finger into him, moving his hands, he
fumbled with his pants, undoing them pushing them over his hips,
spreading his legs apart as Tom nuzzled his neck, removing his finger
from the warmth haven, pushed Greg back onto the bed, lying on top, Tom
felt Greg enter his mind, making love to him with their minds, rolling
till Greg laid on top of him and inserting his finger back into Greg's
heated warmth, their love making grew intense, Tom felt as if Greg was
in him, while he was in Greg.
With a loud groan as Tom hit his prostate, Greg breathed, "Angel clothes."
Moving just enough to remove his clothes all the while Tom eyes roamed
over his mate's flush body with a light sheen, "Beautiful."
Once his clothes were off Tom slipped back into Greg's arms saying, "Now
where was I before I was rudely interrupted, Mmm that right." Straddling
his lover body, Tom smiled as he felt Greg's fingers rub against his
opening with a gasp, he felt his fingers slip into his body preparing
him, moving up higher Tom claimed Greg's lips, thrusting his tongue into
his lover mouth, catching his breath as Greg rubbed lube over his cock.
With eyes dilated, Tom lowered himself onto his lover's cock, savouring
the feeling of being fill, once he caught his breath, he looked down at
his husband leaning down, groaning as Greg cock moved inside him.
Raising his head, Greg claimed Tom's lips again while sending wave after
of love and images over to his lover, knowing that Tom wouldn't last long.
With a stretched out groan Tom raised himself and slowly lowering
himself back down setting a slow pace as Greg simulated his mind with
mental images of Greg riding him.
Greg held onto Tom hips as his thrusted up into Tom, watching Tom
pleasuring himself on his cock, through hooded lids, he watched as Tom
reached for his own cock and begun stroking himself, with a drawn out
moan, Greg shot his load as Tom screamed his name as he came all over
his chest, some of Tom's sperm hitting his chin and cheek, Greg gently
lowed Tom on to his chest, both groaning when his cock slipped out of
Tom's body, rolling till both were on their sides, reaching over his
husband for the towels that sat beside the bed, cleaning them up,
throwing the towel towards the 'fresher, Greg drew his limp husband into
his arms.
Watching over his husband was a habit he had gotten into from the first
night his Angel had slept in his bed, he loved watching him sleep, when
he was unable to sleep, he had to tell his Angel that they were going to
become parent, they need to talk about how they were going to about
telling the crew that he was a Zeula, his mother's race was mistrusted
among the Federation, he didn't need to tell the Maquis, since most of
them knew already, that he was half human and half Zeula, what worried
him the most was the Captain and the 'fleeters, he didn't need to worry
about the Doctor either, since he knew as well, he actually came up with
the idea of inserting a fake womb and mixing useless DNA, and since Tom
was his assistant they wouldn't need to use Samantha Wildman, the only
problem that Greg could see is that the 'fleeters would wonder why he
was carrying the baby and not Tom, since most of the crew called Tom,
his little woman, or the one he hated the most and nearly spent a night
in the brig everytime he heard it, was pussy boy, he was lucky that Tom
had walked into the room, he took one look at his Angel and calmed right
Tom stirred staring up at his mate blearily, "Hey Honey Bear."
Smiling at his tousled hair spouse, "Hey there my Angel."
Tom groggily asked, "What did the Doc say? Sorry I didn't ask before, I
got distracted."
"Mmm I noticed and I loved your distraction Angel. I was right Angel."
With a huge grin Tom asked, "We gonna become parents?"
"Yup." Running a hand through Tom's hair smoothing the rumpled locked down.
Tom moved so he could face his husband, laying a hand on his flat
stomach, saying in awe, "Our baby is growing inside you right now?"
Laying a hand on top of Tom's nodding, as he wiped a tear off Tom's
cheek, "I love you Honey Bear."
"I love you too Angel. We need to see the Doctor for some tests and we
need to decide how we're going to handle the 'fleeters."
Frowning at the thought of the trouble that laid ahead of them, "Damn,
if we use the womb, that we usually use for male pregnancy, they gonna
wonder why I'm not carrying it, oh wait a minute, shit that not gonna work."
"We could have used the excuse, I'm bridge crew, but so are you and we
couldn't get the captain's backing, we need to talk to Tay, he might
know of something."
"Mmm he just might."
"It just 'fleet we have to worry about isn't it? Maquis do know that
you're a Zeula?"
"Most of the Maquis know."
"Good, I don't need to put up with their teasing, god what about Rick,
isn't he 'fleet?"
"Yup but he cool about it."
Looking at him concern, "Why Angel?"
Tom quietly explained, "I just didn't want to put up with any crap from
a friend, I've lost two and didn't want to lose another other."
Greg cursed Kim and Torres under his breath, he knew that Tom tried to
hide it from the others but what his so friends had done had hurt him
more than anything, Tom and Harry had entered a rather shaky
relationship, meeting in Sandrines for a game of pool but the trust was
gone, you could see it in Tom's eyes that his heart wasn't in it, he'd
leave to join Greg and his friends after a game. Tom still couldn't even
say B'Elanna name, he could only deal with her if it was work related.
Later that evening, Tom and Greg entered the Mess Hall grabbing trays
and eyeing the food that was for dinner, Tom ducked into the kitchen
spying his friend, "Hey Neelix is there any Lumdrea strew left?"
"Why hello Tom, yes let me get you some, does Greg what some as well?"
"No thanks." Greg replied from behind the counter.
Neelix bustled about the kitchen, as he dished up some Lumdrea strew
Neelix asked, "Tom can I ask you something?" At Tom nod he asked, "Who
or what is a Zeula?"
Throwing a look over his shoulder Tom caught Greg's eye as he told the
Talaxian, "They're a race who reside in the Alpha Quarant, why?"
"I overheard some of the crew talking about them."
Curious Tom asked, "What did they say?"
"Well I heard that we had one on broad and that whoever it was, was
going to end up in the brig or dead, when they found out who it is. Do
they look alot like humans?"
"Yes they do. Hum if you excuse me, I better go, by the way Neelix who
was talking about it, 'Fleet or Maquis?"
"It was a mixed table but it was Ensign Kim who was talking at the time."
Tom nodded as he said, "Thanks Neelix."
Before the Talaxian could say another word, Tom rushed out of the
kitchen with his tray and grabbed Greg by the arm, moving over to
Chakotay's table saying, "There trouble brewing."
"You heard?"
"Neelix just told me, how did they find out?"
"It seems that someone went digging into your and Greg's medical files."
"What the fuck for?"
"Who ever it was over heard the Doc and someone talking about being
pregnant and most of the crew know of you two wanting to have children."
"Shit. But want does us having children have to do if we have a Zeula on
board, as you said it's well known that Greg and I want children."
Greg who had remained quiet before, piped up, "We need to do something
Tay, I can't hide it for to long."
Not all that surprised Chakotay asked, "So you are pregnant?"
With a smile Greg nodded, "Yeah the doctor confirmed my suspicions this
afternoon. The greatest day of our life's and it's ruined by narrow
minded jerks."
"Thanks, I'm glad that someone happy that Tom and I are going to be
"There are more, you know the Maquis are backing you."
Fuming Tom ate his dinner without saying a word, smiling when he caught
Greg's worried look, reaching over he held Greg's hand, he hadn't
realized that he had raised his shields blocking Greg out of his
thoughts, he only did that when he was highly pissed, which he was now,
"Chakotay, Neelix told me that it was Harry that he heard it from, could
he have heard it from. . . " Tom cut himself off knowing that they would
know who he was talking about, he was still unable to say her name at times.
"Mmm, good point, I'll have Tem check into it, but I don't think she
would hurt Greg like that."
Tom bit back his resentment at his remark, when he felt a wave of love
being sent to him over their link, Tom gave Greg's hand a squeeze.
"Gentleman care to join me for private chat?"
All three looked up seeing the captain standing in front of their table,
"Not here, join me in my office say in ten minutes?" Without another
word Janeway walked away.
Greg moaned, "Shit she knows."
Tom stared after his captain thoughtfully saying, "I think we have an
ally and a powerful one at that."
"What make you say that?" Greg asked his husband.
"Because I know her, I have known her since I was a child and she on our
Chakotay nodded slowly as he said, "I have to agree, she didn't look
pissed, sort of annoyed."
Fuming Janeway read the file that had been sent to her anonymously,
stating that they had a person of the Zeula race on broad Voyager, not
that she cared, she knew who it was and she liked him, most of the crew
liked him and she was going to do anything she could to protect the man
from the racists on board.
When her chime sounded, she called out, "Enter."
"Prince Gregor, Tom, Chakotay, please have a seat."
Smiling at the shock looked on two of the men faces when Tom grinned
saying, "You knew?"
"I knew and have since I was sent after the Crazyhorse."
Stunned Greg asked, "Why didn't you say anything?"
Surprised Kathryn asked, "Why should I? Your people joined the Maquis,
so of cause it natural that there would be Zeula people among the crews,
I didn't know that you were a crown prince till after you and Tom were
Surprised Greg felt as if he been transported into another Alternate
universe, "How did you find out about me being a prince? Not even the
Maquis know that, only Tom and Chakotay knew, I think Ken might have
known, I'm not sure."
"He knows, that how I knew, Tuvok bought to my attention."
Greg closed his eyes as he asked, "What are you going to do to me?"
Surprised Kathryn stared at the man in front of her as she told him.
"Why nothing. Tuvok and I have been making arrangement to cover you and
Stunned Greg blurted out, "What forever for? I'm an enemy to the
Federation and everything you stand for."
"And Chakotay and the rest of the Maquis aren't? Greg you're a member of
this crew and a friend, you are married to a man I think of as my little
brother, you're a member of my family, just like the rest of the crew
but closer since you're married to Tom, I protect my family just like
you do, whether you be Vulcan or a Voria slug. I know you're pregnant
and I know Zeula are more prone to stress than humans are during the
first trimester of your pregnancy, so I want you to take it easy. Let
Tom take care of you, I know he will pamper you like the prince you are."
Blushing, Tom ducked his head, when Greg said, "He did even before I was
pregnant, believe me."
Grinning Kathryn nodded, "I do. Now I have a plan that would be prefect
but we need the help of someone, I'm not sure will be welcome by you."
"Me." Came a small voice from the other side of the room.
Turning Greg nodded as he replied, "If you can help us B'Elanna then I
welcome it. But before I do I need to know how Kim found out about me?"
"Not from me Greg I promise, but I know who told him."
"Who?" Chakotay asked.
"Tanner told him."
Tom shudder as he heard the name, Greg asked, "How did Tanner find out
about me?"
"He was lovers with Seska, before she left she told him about you."
Greg nodded as Kathryn asked, "What Harry doing with Tanner?"
"I don't know, I don't have all much to do with Tanner and his mates, I
don't like him, so when Harry spends time with him, I don't."
Licking his lips, Tom asked a question of his own, "How do we know that
you won't say something to Harry and he repeats it to Tanner, we all
know that he likes to gossip."
"I never told Harry anything concerning the Maquis and I like Greg, and
I won't hurt him, unlike some."
"If that a dig at me, drop it I'd never hurt him or you for that
matter." Tom glared at her, before dropping his gaze to his feet.
"No you just refused to talk to me and then jumped into bed with the
first person, who looked your way."
Tom stood up saying, "Excuse me Captain but I got to leave now, before I
do something that just might end up with me in the brig. Greg I'll met
you back at our quarters." Brushing pass B'Elanna, Tom stalked out.
Chakotay shook his head as he said, "You have alot of nerve laying the
blame on to Tom, he didn't cheat on you, remember you cheated on him."
Greg closed his eyes, as he fought to control his temper, without
opening them, he said, "Your idea better be good, because if it isn't,
you're out of here, I don't want your help if you're going to act like a
bitch to my husband."
B'Elanna explained her idea, winding up saying, "You can get Seven to
help with the design."
"Good, if that is all? Good meet here tomorrow again with those designs
Greg stood up saying his farewells to Chakotay and Janeway, once outside
Greg felt Tom's presence in his mind, * Angel where are you? *
* Our lounge. *
* Stay there Angel, I'll join you. *
* See you soon then Honey Bear. *
Greg strolled into what Tom and he privately called their lounge,
finding his beloved stargazing, moving over to him without a word, he
knew that Tom would talk when he was ready, Tom smiled up at him,
reaching up and pulling his husband down to sit in front of him,
slipping his arms about him Tom pulled Greg against his chest with a
sigh, resting his chin on Greg's shoulder and laying his hands on top of
his beloved's stomach, "I can't believe that she had the nerve to blame
me for her actions."
"I can't either, Tay said the same thing."
"He's a good man."
"That he is, he's a good friend."
"I know, I think I might have a talk to him or Tuvok later, what do you
"Might be wise, I'm here if you need me."
"I know baby, but I need someone who not gonna side with me, someone who
not directly involved."
"Mmm then Tuvok I think Baby, Tay's pissed at her." Greg explained as he
stared out the viewport with a sigh, "I like this, it's peaceful, no
worries, no burdens."
"I always come here, when I need to sort things out."
"I know Angel, ready to head home?"
"Not yet, I just want to enjoy the peace for a bit more before leaving."
Looking down at their joined hands saying, "I love you Honey Bear, and
if I have ever hurt you, I'm really sorry."
"Baby you've never hurt me, don't believe her Angel, she unhappy with
her life and she wants everyone around her to be miserable as well. It's
not helping that Harry cheating on her."
"It seems that mister innocent Harry Kim has be sleeping about, while
B'Elanna working."
"Can't say that I feel sorry for her."
With a snicker, Greg replied, "Thought that what you would say."
Tom smiled as he traced Greg's shirt pattern, letting his fingers slip
under his shirt feeling Greg's skin under his fingertips, sighing, "God
I can't get enough of you Honey Bear."
"I think we better take this home Angel."
"Mmm it wouldn't do to have someone walk in on us."
With a snort Greg untangle his limbs from Tom's saying, "No it wouldn't
Angel, I don't get into having people knowing how beautiful my Angel is."
With a low chuckle Tom stood up, wrapping an arm about his husband's
waist, leaning over, Tom placed a kissed on his husbands lips saying, "I
don't know what I did to deserve you but want ever it was, I don't want
to lose it or you, thank you for sticking by me at the beginning, I know
it wasn't easy putting up with my shit, not to mention my moods. Love
you Honey Bear."
"Mmm I love you to Angel and no thanks necessary, I'd do it in a heart
beat again, just as you would do it for me if it was me. You're worth it
Slipping his hand into Greg's back pocket of his pants, as he asked, "So
what the plan?"
Cuddling into his husband smiling at how his mate could switch his moods
at warp speed, "I'll explain when we're home Angel."
Chakotay paced his quarters while Rick watch warily from the couch, "Cha
what happened?"
Pausing Chakotay looked at his husband saying, "Greg in trouble."
Signing as he ran his hand through his hair, "They found out that there
a Zeula on Voyager but they not sure who it is but it won't take long
for them to find out."
"Shit what going to happen?"
"Not sure yet Poocuh but I'm worried for the both of them."
"So Greg is pregnant?"
"Yeah, we've got a plan but it's not fool proof, we have a meeting with
the Captain in the morning to go over the details."
"She knows?"
"Yeah surprised the hell out me as well."
Sitting at their desk working on reports, Greg asked, "Angel, what time
will suit you to see the Doctor?"
Tom who had been staring at his husband from across the desk, instead of
doing his reports smiled, "I have tomorrow off, so any time after lunch."
Raising his eyebrows, Greg asked, "You planning on sleeping away your
day off?"
Looking his husband in the eye saying, "Nope the place needs to be clean."
Smiling at his husband the neat freak as he asked, "That time again Angel?"
Chuckling Tom jokely replied, "Honey Bear, if I left it to you nothing
would be done."
In a putout tone Greg asked, "You're saying I'm a slob Angel?"
"Yes Honey Bear, you're many things but clean you ain't."
With a snort Greg said, "Good thing I married you then huh?"
Standing up and moving over to Greg saying, "I hope that not the only
thing you married me for Honey Bear."
Shaking with humor Greg shot back, "Well there is the fact that you run
after and pamper me like royalty."
Dropping to his knees in front of his grinning spouse, Tom said,
"Anything for my royal Honey Bear."
With a chuckle Greg said, "Can you see the looks on people faces if you
addressed me like that at the Royal Palace?"
"Yeah they would all insist I lose my head." Tom joked back.
Greg ran his fingers through Tom blond locks saying, "Such a pretty head
it is as well it would be a shame to lose it."
Laying a kiss onto Greg's stomach, rising to his feet Tom gazed down
fondly at his husband saying, "Care to join me on the couch and talk?"
Nodding Greg saved his report and shut down their console, stretching
out the kinks in his back and shoulders as he stood joining Tom on the
Tom pulled Greg into his arms saying, "I'll give you a massage after
Honey Bear."
"Mmm sounds good." Purred Greg.
"So what is the plan?"
"Well the basic part is that the Doctor is going to insert a fake womb
inside me and since I'm a nearly month along is going to play a major
role into the ploy, as you know Zeula carry to one or two months longer
than a human does, so if the Doc places the womb in now it would
surround our baby still allowing him to check and for me to give birth,
there is a risk though."
"Yeah I know your body may reject the womb and it could ruin everything,
baby I need to know if it happens what happens to you and the baby?"
Sitting up Greg moved so he was facing his mate saying, "There is a risk
the we may lose the baby and to be honest it one I don't want to take."
"How about implanting the womb inside me and then stage an illness and
have the Doc move the baby over to you to save it's life."
"Mm that could work better than B'Elanna idea and less risk to our
baby." Looking at his husband in concern, "Angel are you sure you want
to go that way?"
Tom reached for Greg's hands and replied, "Anything to keep you and the
baby safe, I'd rather go through the teasing, than losing you to some
twits who don't know their heads from their asses."
Pulling Tom into his arms as he said, "We'll bring it up at the
meeting." Running his hand down Tom's back and under his shirt, Greg
grinned as he heard a slight moan as he nuzzled Tom's neck.
"Honey Bear lets go and have a bath, then I'll give you that massage I
promised you."
Greg released Tom with a sigh of regret, grinning over at his husband
saying, "Sounds good Angel."
Getting to his feet Tom replied, "You get the drinks and I'll get the
bath ready for us."
Tom headed into the bath room with a smile as he begun drawing their
bath, their bathroom was the only one that he knew of that had a bath
installed permanently as well as a shower, it was one luxury both Greg
and he splashed out on once or twice a week depending on their moods,
picking up a bottle Tom poured some an of the contents into the water
watching as it begun to bubble, turning off the water he quickly
stripped and stepped into the tub lowering himself with a sigh as he
felt the water caressing his body, calling out, "Honey Bear it's getting
lonely in here."
Greg who had be lounging against the bathroom door watching as Tom
stripped and lowered himself into the bath purred, "Can't have that can
we?" Pushing off Greg slowly removed his clothes, smiling as Tom eyes
began to roam over his husband's body.
Tom felt his breath hitch as his eyes followed Greg's hands as they
unbuttoned his shirt, he could come at this alone, once he was naked,
Tom gazed at his mate breathing hard, without a word Tom reached up
offering his hand.
Taking the offered hand Greg stepped into the tub settling himself
between Tom's out spread legs with a sigh, leaning back against Tom's
chest as Tom's arms surrounded him, he loved spending time with his
beloved just relaxing letting the water and bubbles ease the stress of
the day.
Drawing Greg back against his chest Tom relaxed letting the water do
it's job when Greg started to wriggle against him, he asked, "Greg are
you alright?"
With a chuckle Greg reached behind him lightly stroking what he could
reach, saying, "It seems that my husband liked my little show."
"Of cause I did, I love watching you getting dressed or undressed,
though I think I like the getting undressed better, so I can drink in
your natural beauty." Tom seductively whispered into his ear.
"You say the most romantic things Angel."
Bending his head Tom lightly breathed against Greg's neck before
latching onto it lightly nibbling and sucking on the skin enough to
leave his mark.
Tilting his head Greg gave his mate more room to move, moaned as Tom
hand lightly pinched his nipple.
"God you're beautiful Honey Bear." Tom groaned as he ran his hand over
Greg's body to settle between his leg, gripping Greg's harden member Tom
set the pace he knew would bring his beloved off.
Shouting as he come all over Tom's hand, Greg slumped against Tom, he
felt Tom holding him as he came back to himself, he felt Tom's love
flowing over him as well as in him wave after wave of love send to him
through their bond as he moved to reciprocate when Tom held him still
saying, "Later Honey Bear."
Stilling Greg smiled as he felt Tom wash his front with gentle and
tender hands.
Moving fast and gently Tom washed Greg and himself off once done he
pulled the plug out letting the water flow out to be recycled, helping
Greg to his feet and follow him into the shower to rise off quickly,
stepping out of the shower Tom wrapped a towel about his waist as he
quickly dried Greg off and lead him to their bed.
Lying on his front Greg could hear Tom say something in a low voice in
the living area, he loved Tom's voice and could listen to it always, he
could tell what mood Tom was in by his tone, not many knew that when Tom
was really angry he would be quiet as a mouse, when he was really happy
and excited, he'd get certain pitch, when was in a loving mood like he
was now, his voice was low and seductive, what he didn't say with words
he'd show him with his actions, a simple touch expressed alot of love,
it was also calmed him down if Greg felt like exploding, a simple touch
or look from Tom was enough to cool him down right quick.
Turning his head to watch his beloved Angel as he strolled back to him
with a loving smile, grinning widely at the contents he carried back, a
bottle of Sandalwood oil for his massage and a tube of lubricate.
Smiling asked, "You planning on something Angel?"
Grinning as he dropped the contents onto the bed and climbed onto it and
crawled over to him, straddling his back, saying, "My only plan is to
love you into the next quadrant."
Greg groaned as he felt Tom's arousal digging into his back as he
stretched over his back to claim his mouth in a soul wrenching kiss,
only to pull away when the lack of air was vital for them to breath.
Reaching for the bottle of oil Tom flipped the lid pouring some into his
hand closing the lid he tossed it onto the bed, warming the oil between
his hand, starting at Greg's shoulders relaxing the muscles, it was long
when Greg started moaning, "Angel take me to heaven now."
Grinning Tom knew that Greg was close, shifting off Greg's back, helping
Greg onto his knees sitting back on his heels as his eyes roamed over
the bigger man's body, reaching for the lube.
Greg sighed when Tom's finger penetrated him, stretching the tight
muscles didn't take long since his body knew Tom. When he felt three
fingers inside him he started pushing back groaning, "Now Angel, luia
rai duies."
Tom moved between Greg's leg groaning as Greg begun to speak in his
native tongue, which he did only when he was highly arousal, lining his
cock up to Greg's opening and slowly pushed in.
Greg pushed back taking Tom all the way into him, groaning, "Luia rai
Laying over Greg's back Tom reached over joining their fingers as he
began to slowly thrust into the tight heat groaning, "Hold on baby I'm
in. You're so tight and hot baby, beautiful."
"Faster Angel too slow baby." Greg groaned.
Giving Greg's shoulder one last kissing as he released their hands
moving so he could grip his hips, Tom picked up the pace making sure
that he hit Greg's gland as he piston in and out of Greg's body.
Greg groaned as he felt his climax draw closer without his cock being
touch, he shot his load with a yell.
Tom felt Greg's anal muscle grip his cock as Greg came, thrusting into
Greg, shouting as he shot his semen deep into Greg's ass.
As he fell Tom twisted his body so he wouldn't crush his lover laying on
his side he gathered his stated lover into his arms, with concern he
asked, "I didn't hurt you did I?"
With a tired smile Greg reassured his mate, "No Angel you didn't hurt me."
"Good, now let me clean you up."
Reaching over the side of the where they kept some towels, first
cleaning Greg of making sure he didn't do any damage as he did, then
wiping himself clean, throwing the towel towards the refresher, he laid
back down and gather his sleepy mate into his arms.
Snuggling into his partner's arms Greg let his tired body slip into sleep.
Waking up before his husband, Greg rested his head on his husband chest
grinning as Tom lower region slowly stirred into life, sliding down till
he was within reach of his mate's cock, taking all Tom's harden member
into his mouth till his lips touched Tom's pubes, sliding his tongue
over the veins under as he slid up down, Greg loved waking his Angel up
in the morning it was one of his favorite moments of the day, he heard
his Angel moan, lifting his head grinning when Tom groaned, "Don't stop."
"Morning Angel."
Moving so he could watch, with gently thrusts into Greg mouth, he felt
Greg relax his throat, as his lips slid up and down his cock, with a
yell Tom exploded into Greg mouth, smiling tiredly as Greg licked him
clean and kissed the tip of his cock as it slipped out of his mouth,
reaching down Tom dragged Greg up and gently kissed him, tasting his
essences as Greg deepen the kiss, pulling back when the need of air was
needed, cradling Greg in his arms he asked, "What did I do to receive
this treatment?"
Pausing in his nibbling and biting of Tom's collarbone, replied "You
know what you did, and because I love waking you up this way."
"I love your way of waking me up." Reaching between Greg's splayed out
legs, wrapping his hand around his erection, he slowly bought Greg over
the edge, all the while watching as Greg thrusting into his hand, with
his other hand he rolled Greg's balls gently in his palm while
whispering endearments in his panting lover's ear.
With a groan Greg came all over Tom's hands, groaning again as Tom
licked his hand clean of his come, laying contented in Tom's arms,
saying, "Mmm me too, as much as I love this, I better move or I'll be
late for shift and you know how Tuvok is if you're even a second late."
Claiming another kiss Tom replied, "You better move it baby you have
half an hour before you're due on the bridge."
With a fond grin Tom watched as Greg rolled out of bed and padded into
the shower, normally he would join him but with the short amount of time
he knew that Greg would use the sonic shower and sharing a sonic was no
fun at all.
Emerging from the bath naked as the day he was born Greg smiled over at
his blond headed Angel, "You better get a move on if you plan on meeting
Ken for breakfast Angel."
Getting out of bed Tom groped Greg as he headed into the bathroom,
pulling his husband into his arms for a quick kiss and grope, putting
back Tom smiled as he asked, "Lunch?"
Nodding Greg finished dressing as he said, "We have to see the Doctor as
well remember?"
"What time?"
"After lunch."
"Okay." Checking the chrono Tom told Greg, "Move it or you'll be late."
"See you at lunch then Angel, love you."
"Love you."
Tom watched as Greg strolled out of their bedroom and out of their
quarters to start his day.
Returning to his quarters after meeting with Ken for breakfast, shaking
his head at the mess in the living area, "Greg love what am I gonna do
with you?"
Tom didn't care that their sleeping area was a pigsty, he didn't like
their friends thinking that they were a bunch of slobs, picking up
discarding clothes from the chairs and couch, walking into their bedroom
with an armload of clothes moving over to the fresh, placing them into
the fresher, as he waited for their clothes to return Tom swiftly
cleaned up the rest of the living area before moving back into the
bedroom to make the bed and pile up more clothes for the next load.
Once finished Tom headed back to the Mess hall to meet Greg for lunch,
with a smile on his face Tom entered the Mess scanning the room to see
if Greg was already there, spying him sitting at a table by himself
reading a padd, picking up a tray Tom picked out food that looked
edible, nodding at Neelix as he headed over to join his husband.
Moving over to his husband placing his tray down on the table leaning
down Tom gave Greg a kiss before sitting across from him asking, "So how
was the bridge this morning?"
With a fond smile, Greg said, "Dull, boring." Laying his padd down Greg
reached across the table and picked up Tom's hand turning it over Greg
lifted their hands up to his lips and kissed Tom's palm.
Smiling Tom picked up his fork nearly dropping it when a loud voice
said, "Who cares if we have a Zeula on board you dork, of course we
would you dumb fuck, they did side with the Maquis, there were Zeulas in
the Maquis cells. Why are you out to cause trouble for Tanner? You're
jealous is that what this is all about isn't it? Which one do you want?
Greg or Tom? My guess would be Greg, since you attacked Tom with Van
Dune. So what if we have a Zeula on board and that he's with child it
should be a happy time a new live is in the making, god this is an
innocent child who parents will love him/her why can't we?"
Greg made a move but stopped when Tom shook his head pointing as he
pointed at who was doing the talking.
"I can understand why you'd protected Greg B'Elanna but not that fucker
Paris, Greg way to good for that likes of that murderer, God he betrayed
your people, then he cheated on you."
"That where you're wrong, Tom never cheated on me, I cheated on him, and
Tom never betrayed the Maquis."
With a snort Tanner shot back, "Yes he did, Seska showed me the file on
the prick."
A calm voice said, "Ever heard of tampering crewman? As you know I did a
mind meld with Mister Paris and I can state for a fact that he did not
betray the Maquis, he was set up and sent to prison for nothing, he was
innocent of the crime he was accused of."
"He's still a murder and a slut, he was a whore in prison."
"And you know that how?"
"Everyone knows that sir."
"Then they are wrong, have you ever been to prison Crewman?"
"So you don't know what you're talking about and since you don't know
what really happened, I'd advise that you reframe from talking about it,
since it has nothing to do with you or anybody else for that matter to
what happened to Mister Paris during his imprisonment in Auckland, I'd
say this, cast your mind back to the when we first came out here and to
what happened to Mister Paris and then you'd be closer to the truth than
you are now." Tuvok moved away moving over to Greg and Tom as he drew
closer to them he said, "I'm sorry for saying what I did Thomas."
"Thanks for sticking up for me Tuvok, care to join us?"
"Not at this time, I came to tell you that we have not need to make
plans to hide the fact that Greg is pregnant, the Captain had a surprise
waiting for her this morning."
"I think I can guess to what was on the padd."
"The crew agree with us that in illogical to hunt down the Zeula's among
us since we are one crew and we need every person."
Surprised Tom asked, "We have more than one?"
"Yes there is three others who were with Commander Chakotay on the
Nodding Tom said, "Tuvok I'd like to press charges against Tanner for
Feeling a squeeze Tom looked over at his life mate with a smile, he had
come along way to reach this point.
Part 2 by Kimbo
Zeula 2


After shift Gregor Ayala entered his quarters smiling as he spotted his husband sitting with a frown marring his beautiful face, "What wrong Angel?"

Startled Tom looked up as he said, "This arrived just now and I think we have trouble Honey Bear."

Frowning Greg joined Tom, reading the message, 'Zeula it's time to pay for your crime against the Federation.' Cursing Greg reached and began tapping keys when Tom said, "There no trace, I've forwarded a copy to Tuvok and the Captain as well."

Shaking his head Greg reread the message as he asked, "Who do you think behind this Angel?"

Sinking deeper into the chair Tom reached up and joined their hands as he eyed the messaged saying, "I don't know love but we have to becareful, you'll have to warn the others to be careful as well."

Nodding as he gripped Tom's hand tighter wondering how to get the message to the others when Tom asked, "You do know who the other three are don't you."

"Yeah I know who they are."

Standing up Tom dragged his husband into his arms as he said, "We get through this Honey Bear."

Wrapping his arms about Tom's waist as he stared into his eyes with a smile, "I know." Pulling Tom closer to him Greg rested his chin on his shoulder.

Resting his head on Greg's shoulder as he wondered who would actually threaten Greg just because he was a Zeula making a vow to himself to keep a close eye on his husband.

Pulling back Tom smiled at Greg saying, "Okay now I think it time for you to rest, you heard what the Doctor told us, I also think while this threat is hanging over our heads it will be wise to let our friends know of the danger."

Surprised Greg asked, "Ok what have you done with him? Where is the real Tom Paris?"

Tom dryly replied "Funny Haha, that was so funny I forgot to laugh."

With a small smile Greg tapped Tom's nose as he said, "Ahh my beloved Angel you can still surprise me."

With his eyes filled with mirth Tom tugged his mate back into his arms as he said, "I'm glad that I can still do that my precious Honey Bear, now stop stalling and get some rest."

"Join me?"

With a raised brow Tom shot back, "I somehow don't think that the sort of rest the Doc was suggesting love."

With a pout Greg wandered into their bedroom wiggling his ass as he went, pausing in the doorway, he asked, "You sure you don't wanna join me Angel?"

Rolling his eyes Tom just pointed to their bed saying, "Later, I have a couple of reports to finish."

Shaking his head Greg said, "You know what they say love, all work and no play makes me horny."

"Save it for later Honey Bear."

"I'll hold you to that."

Grinning Tom replied, "You do that love. Now go stop stalling, did you give your mother this much grief when it was your bed time?"



Ducking into the bathroom to change into sleep pants and then crawled into bed Greg drifted off to sleep to the sounds of tapping of keys and light music.


After working on his reports Tom checked in on Greg, smiling as he saw that Greg was curled about his pillow, he debated about joining him for a nap, before he could make up his mind he heard their door chime, having a fair idea who might be visiting him, not wanting to wake Greg from his nap Tom moved towards the door and activate the door manually.

Grinning as his guessed right, stepping aside Tom let in Chakotay, Ken and Tuvok.

Before they could say anything Tom held his finger to his lips and in a low voice, "Hang on Greg's asleep let me close the door."

Moving quickly Tom peeked into their room with a fond smile before hitting the button beside the door so they wouldn't wake his sleeping husband.

Walking over to the couch as he asked, "What do I own for this pleasure?"

With a slight smile Chakotay asked, "How is he really?"

"He's taking the news rather well."

"And you? How are you handling this?"

"Honestly? Scared, I can't lose him if anything were to ever happen to him I'd be lost without him. I've never felt this way about anyone, I can't lose him, we need to stop whoever doing this before something happens."

Nodding slowly Chakotay asked, "Agreed, do you think he'll agree to a bodyguard?"

Tom looked thoughtfully at him before saying, "Wouldn't it look suspicious while he's on duty?"

He was sure but he thought he saw Tuvok's lip twitch as he said, "Gregor will only require protecting when he off duty."

Frowning Tom asked, "When he in our quarters?"

"If you aren't here then yes, I also suggest that you be include within the protection as well."

If they was expecting a fight from him they were in a surprised, "I agree."

Chakotay grinned as he said, "Ken you own me."

Stunned Tom asked, "You two had a bet if I'd fight this?"

"Hell yes, I really thought you'd really put up a fight."

Chuckling, "In this case it would be better not to since Greg would insist on
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