The Strength Spirit and Beauty Series by Ainzfern

Published: 07/09/03 | Last Updated: 07/09/03
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Starts out as Chakotay/AU Bashir and ends up as C/P/AU Bashir. A damaged young man is found drifting in the Delta quadrant and his arrival on Voyager brings a life affirming and fundamental change into Chakotay and Tom's formerly lonely lives.
Voyager comes across a young Human from an alternate universe, floating adrift in his ship. When Chakotay decides to act as the man's guide and counselor, he finds that his skills and his heart are put to the test.

Rating: NC-17 | Category: Threesomes
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Genres: Romance
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Chapters: 6 | Completed: Yes | Word Count: 42373 | Read: 13648

1. I Had The Strength by Ainzfern [Reviews - 0] (6694 words)
2. Together, We Three by Ainzfern [Reviews - 0] (6462 words)
3. One Beautiful Day by Ainzfern [Reviews - 0] (6065 words)
4. Lay The Ghosts To Rest by Ainzfern [Reviews - 0] (11146 words)
5. Our Rock Doth Falter by Ainzfern [Reviews - 0] (9120 words)
6. Moments Of Introspection by Ainzfern [Reviews - 1] (2886 words)