Zero G by Tauna

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Title: Zero G
Author:Tauna (
Series: VOY
Part: NEW 1/1
Rating: [NC-17]
Codes: P/K
Summary: PWP in that favored spot, the jeffries tube.

Archive as you will. I'd love to know if you enjoyed it. Constructive
criticism is welcome. Flames are not.

Paramount owns Tom and Harry, I just play with them.
You should be over 18 and not offended by two boys in love to read this.

Zero G (VOY, P/K, NC-17 )
by Tauna

"Trust me Tom, I've checked the schedule."

"B'Elanna will kill us if she finds out."

"If you had been honest with her, she might be more mercifully disposed
to you."

"If you keep wearing those shorts while you're on your hands and knees
in front of me, I'll forget what the word 'merciful' means."

"Stop changing the subject. It should be right around here."

Harry consulted the PADD. The open area ahead must be the place. Ayala
had been happy to tell them the location of this interesting phenomena.
Harry smiled as he remembered the exact words.

'anything to get you two to stop making so much noise while I'm trying
to sleep.'

Harry stopped short and Tom's head slammed into his ass.


The always alert to new ideas Tom Paris took the opportunity to bite
Harry on one of his cheeks. He grabbed Harry's hips and worked his
tongue between cloth and flesh. He was busily probing the cleft of
Harry's ass when a strangled gasp and a swift hand caught his attention.


"Tom, can you wait for one second!" he panted, "here... come here..."

Harry rolled into the juncture and seemed to float. Tom watched him bob
in the near weightlessness. Devilment glowed on his face as he lunged
towards Harry.


He spun Harry like a top. Harry stuck all his limbs out in an effort to
slow himself down, but he was unmercifully dizzy in a very short time.
He could hear Tom snickering but he couldn't focus on where exactly he
was. He felt his shorts go the way of all his clothing when Tom was
around and a sharp set of teeth reattached themselves to his ass. Harry
moaned and arched. That set him off in a different direction. He
screeched and flailed around until he latched onto what seemed to be
legs. Then he felt Tom's tongue again. He closed his eyes and just
focused on the pleasure of Tom playing around with his anus. It felt
kind of nice not to be squashed by Tom's not inconsiderable weight. The
motion felt neat. He wiggled his hips. His cock rubbed on Tom's
chest. The extra friction from the chest hair was almost too much when
coupled with the torment of Tom's fingers toying with his prostate.

"ungh" grunted Harry, "ohmygod... more!"

Harry yelped as Tom shifted him around again. Tom giggled right
before his mouth engulfed Harry's seeping cock. The motion of Tom's head
kept them spinning lightly. Harry was almost used to it now. He felt for
Tom's shorts and yanked them out of the way. His lips found Tom's
bobbing erection and he mimicked Tom's rhythm. Harry began to notice
that they were moving faster. His eyes opened a crack, just in time to
see the approaching wall. He drew Tom's hips closer and twisted enough
so that Tom's ass hit the wall before his head. This in turn drove his
cock farther down Harry's throat. When his throat constricted in
surprise, it proved too much for Tom, who came with a shout. Harry
coughed and spit in surprise. They rolled uncontrolled for a few
seconds, until Harry discovered the border of the weightless area by
falling to the deck with a thud. Tom still floated in a post orgasmic
haze. Harry sat up licking his lips and staring at Tom as he bobbed
between blobs of his own cum.

"My god!" Tom breathed.

"Paris! Is that you?"

B'Elanna's voice floated down the tube. Panic seized both of them. Tom
dragged his shorts up from around his ankles. Harry scrambled around the
deck for his. They lay tantalizingly close on the other side of the zero
G area.


"Let's go!" Tom hissed, dragging Harry by the arm.

B'Elanna and Ayala turned the corner laughing. B'Elanna picked up
Harry's shorts and swiped the blobs out of the air with them.

"So," she mused "how much do you think I'll get for these?"