Chocolate by Holly Ilex

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Disclaimers: Methos and Richie are not mine, although as TPTB don't want Richie I might as well be given a piece of him ;-) Those responsible for the creation of the Highlander universe and characters are all here acknowledged and I pay due homage to them. I just play with their creations for fun, not profit. Star Trek is also not mine, but belongs to Viacom and is the creation of Gene Roddenberry.

Date written: August 2000



This was going to be part of the Death and Destiny 2 series but it deviates from the timeline I'm establishing. I might come back and revise it.

Notes: Xover, ST:V

Summary. Chocolate can be *so* messy (PWP)

by HollyIlex (

"This was kind of Captain Janeway," Richie said, as he lay in the sun enjoying the warmth on his body.

"You've had a very nasty experience. These B'Kretan make the Cardassians look like tame pussy cats."

Chakotay turned over so that his black-clad bottom was on display and his bare back could feel the safe holo-sunshine.

"Wrong place, wrong time," Methos drawled, stretching in the heat of the rays that were caressing his naked skin.

"Yeah, well, this is the right place and the right time," Tom grinned, enjoying the show Methos was giving him.

Methos regarded the blond pilot covertly. Tom was wearing very brief trunks and a smile.

'Nice,' he thought. 'It's been a long time since . . . '

He shied away from the names. It had been more years than he cared to count since Jim and Blair had died and Methos still missed them.

'But,' he thought, 'They both said they wanted us to remember them with happiness not pain. And to celebrate them. What better way . . . ?'

He glanced at his lover. Richie's body language was singing off the same hymn sheet as his own. His blue shorts left very little to the imagination and Methos had a *very* good imagination . . .

Methos got up and strolled to the replicator.

'I understand you are a student of the twentieth century, Tom," he said.

"Yeah, that's right. There's so much I want to ask you two and I'm trying to be good . . . "

Methos grinned. The higher echelons of the Federation knew about Immortals and the young Tom had made finding out secrets his speciality. Methos thought an alert Starfleet would have snapped the young man up for Covert Ops. of some sort and he thought, with a pang, of Jim Ellison.

Ruthlessly, he pushed the thought away.

"I'm sure you are," he said, then he turned back to the replicator and muttered a command.

Methos waved four yellow sticks at his friends.

"What's that?" Tom asked.

"A Twentieth century chocolate treat," Methos said, grinning.

He passed one to each man and paused, ensuring they were all watching when he slowly and sensuously opened his Flake.

Methos focused his attention on the sweet in his hand, holding it lightly between his thumb and fingers so as not to melt it.

He ensured all eyes were on him as he delicately licked his lips before taking the end of the chocolate between his lips.

He made eye contact with Chakotay as he bit through the chocolate, knowing a spray of fine chocolate particles were now settling on his bare skin.

He closed his eyes, the better to savour the chocolate taste as he slowly consumed the chocolate before swallowing and then allowing his tongue to lap at the chocolate pieces on his lips.

Methos glanced around his audience. Richie's eyes were glazed with passion already, Tom Paris was not far behind and Chakotay was swallowing nervously as if his throat had gone dry.

Methos grinned to himself.

He opened his mouth again, sliding the chocolate into the warm moistness slowly, fixing his gaze on Tom.

He saw Tom flinch minutely as Methos' white teeth met in a silent 'snap'.

Richie decided it was time to up the ante.

He opened his Flake and now all eyes were on him as he sensuously licked the end of the chocolate, pretending to taste it.

He saw Methos' eyes darken and grinned to himself.

'Two can play games with chocolate,' he thought.

Richie slid the chocolate into his mouth and then out again, sucking it as if it was an ice lolly.

Chakotay and Tom exchanged glances and then unwrapped their Flakes.

The temperature in the holodeck rose and the rise owed nothing to the artificial sun.

Four men had bulges in their trunks by the time Methos finished his Flake.

Richie finished next and Methos crawled over to him.

"You've got chocolate on your chest," he murmured as he bent his head to lick it off.

Richie arched into the touch of his lover's tongue and didn't see Tom hastily finish his treat.

A glance was exchanged, permission sought and given, and then Tom was joining them.

"You also seem to have been careless with the chocolate," Tom murmured to Methos. "May I help you with the problem?"

"You can help me with any of my problems, Tom," Methos said, smirking.

Tom smirked back. He and Methos had a few things in common.

Delicately, Tom licked at the small chocolate smudges on Methos' chest before letting his tongue lap across Methos' nipple.

Chakotay let his chocolate melt all over his fingers as he watched. It was *hot*.

Three gorgeous men, two blond and blue-eyed, were lapping and licking at one another.

"Chak," Tom called. "You seem to have a problem with chocolate on your fingers. Why not see if Richie can help."

Chakotay hastily moved across to the group and, shy now he was with the group, held out one hand to Richie who sucked two fingers into his mouth.

"Aaah," Chakotay moaned, as a bolt of pure sexual arousal went through him.

They were all panting and aroused by the time they had to admit there was no chocolate left to lick.

"How about we swim?" Tom suggested. "I programmed a nice pool with warm water at one end, cooler water at the other. And a warm waterfall. And rocks . . . "

"Rocks?" Richie queried, his lust-sodden brain not quite functioning.

"Yeah," Tom said, smirking. "Rocks. You know, for . . um, sitting on?"

Understanding dawned.

"Yeah," Richie said, grinning now. "Let's swim. But first, can we lose the trunks? Mine're covered in chocolate."

"Skinny-dipping?" Tom said, grinning. "Good idea."

The End