The Logs Of Passion by PJ in NH

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Title: Logs of Passion: Tom's Log -- Realization and Retaliation
Series: VOY
Rating: R
Code: P/T, m/f, J
Date: 6 February 2000

Summary: Tom comes to the realization of just how much Janeway desires him.

Explanation: This story is the fifth in the Logs of Passion series. All of the previous "logs" should be read (in particular Chakotay's Journal) as this is an AU character study. You can find them at

Disclaimer: Voyager owns all the characters, etc., I am just using the characters for a little fun and relaxation.


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Special thanks to my beta readers: Phyllis S.; Annie M.; Marianne L; and Ronda S.

by PJ in NH


"Are you sure you can get in?" she asked.

I looked up at B'Elanna and then resumed my task. "You just make sure no one sees me, and I'll get us in. There isn't a holoprogram made that I can't access."

"No problem. Just hurry," she hissed and resumed her roll as lookout.

I continued working the controls.

During the construction of the Delta Flyer the Captain questioned the numerous injuries B'Elanna had received. Chakotay had been charged by the Captain to investigate, and had been surprised to find that B'Elanna herself had been responsible. Now over a year later, B'Elanna had begun to delete the programs that Chakotay had accessed, as well as a few more he hadn't discovered. It was a traumatic experience for her having to see those programs again, even but by name. While she was purging the programs, she made a discovery of her own. She found that during Chakotay's quest he had also accessed a program called "Fantasy." Not recalling what the program was, let alone the security codes to access it, she had enlisted my help to get in--another lesson learned in between Caldik Prime and the Maquis, put to good use.

Finally after trying the last of my tricks, I accessed this elusive program. B'Elanna moved to stand beside me and took over the controls on the now open program and began to enter commands into the computer. "If by chance "Fantasy" isn't one of mine, I'll cover our tracks," she explained.

"Good idea. That's all we'd need, to be in this program, and have the author activate it."

B'Elanna nodded. "As soon as the computer stated that the program was in progress, he or she would be suspicious."

She tapped out the last keystrokes of the command sequence and we entered "Fantasy." A cool welcoming breeze hit our faces as soon as we entered. I noted the detail that had gone into this portion of the program--the sounds, smells, and sights. I appreciated the time the author had taken in designing this program, but then I reminded myself why we were here. Clasping B'Elanna hand with my own, we started down a worn path that extended into a densely forested area, both wondering what we'd find.

"You don't remember this?" I asked after we had walked for a while, noting the puzzled expression on her face.

She shook her head. "Nope, not yet. But I created quite a few programs back--then." B'Elanna's voice choked on the words.

Reaching around her with one arm I pulled her towards me. I knew that it still upset her to think she had placed herself in such danger. Hell, it upset me too!

"Well, if anything comes to mind, let me know."

She nodded and we continued down the path.

"Look," she pointed. "It looks like it opens up just ahead."

I should say that by now I was suspicious of whether we would find anything at all, it looked so harmless, but we continued on.

Leaving the forest behind, we entered an open field speckled with wild flowers. It didn't appear that we were going to get ambushed by highwaymen or Romulans, it looked more like we were on a nature walk. In fact, the whole program seemed quite innocent. Of course B'Elanna was never *that* innocent. Her shiny dark eyes looked up at me, I could see the imp within her and in a flash she was gone, running happily through the field. Having played this game before I knew the rules so I took off after her. Our laughter filled the air and I continued to chase my quick half-Klingon. My legs may be long, but she was quick, and provided a challenge. It was when she circled a bush to the left and I chose the right that I finally caught her on the other side. Flushed with the exertion and bright with passion, I pulled her against me. We kissed joyfully. Twirling her around a few times in my arms, I finally I set her down. Then I looked up and I saw it. It was a large white building supported by columns--it appeared to be Roman. A large garden circled the place to complete the picture and it intrigued me.

B'Elanna then turned to see what I what I was looking at. "Well, I think I'd remember that," she commented.

"So this isn't your program?"

"I don't think so. I would have recalled programming this."

"I think we should investigate a bit more--just to be sure," I suggested and grabbing her small hand I pulled her along behind me, but she resisted--so typical of B'Elanna.

"Tom, stop. Look, if it isn't mine then we shouldn't be in here," she argued. "I think we should go; I've seen enough."

"Awww, com'on. Just one little peek wouldn't hurt would it?" I turned on all my charm and threw in a small pout to close the sale. When she hesitated, I knew she'd give in. All good engineers are curious and B'Elanna was certainly no exception.

B'Elanna looked up at me a smile tugged at her lips. "Well, just a little look, and then it's back to work."

I grinned back. "Agreed."

Hand in hand, we walked through the field and towards the building. As we got closer we could see several holocharacters in and around the structure. Deciding to conceal our presence for as long as possible, we were careful, hiding behind bushes and trees as we approached. As soon as we reached the building, we could hear a commotion. Several of the holocharacters were gathering towards what looked to be the front of the building. An elaborately decorated litter carried on the shoulders of some well built bare-chested men, whom I assumed were supposed to be Roman slaves, had just stopped there. Whomever was inside the litter was effectively concealed by heavy drapes. Taking advantage of this distraction, B'Elanna and I entered the building through the columned portico. We carefully wove our way around columns, fountains, and plants. Finally we found a place in a corner of the large center room behind a large planter where we hid to observe what would unfold.

We could hear voices grow louder as the characters streamed back into the building. B'Elanna and I crouched down so we wouldn't be discovered. People passed by our hideaway, some were chatting, others were carrying items and exiting off to our right and up a flight of stairs.

The next thing we saw surprised both of us. Captain Janeway, or what appeared to be the captain, paraded proudly past us. She was dressed in a simple white toga trimmed in gold with her hair pulled back into a loose bun. The slaves that accompanied her were very attentive. A pair of tall dark-haired men wearing nothing but loin cloths fanned her and several young women dressed demurely in simple white tunics dropped rose petals at her feet. They all filed past until they reached the bottom of the stairs. Janeway then ascended two steps and turned. B'Elanna clutched my hand tightly between her own prepared to be discovered, but the Captain didn't see us, instead she addressed the slaves.

"I've been gone a long time," she began. She scanned the group, each character was listening carefully. "The journey has been long. You," she pointed to two of the female slaves, "will prepare me a bath. The rest of you, find him so that he may attend me. Too much time has passed and I *don't* want to be kept waiting."

Not inquiring who this man was that Janeway had asked for, apparently they all knew, the slaves all bowed and left the Captain alone to climb the stairs.

"Did you see that?" B'Elanna whispered in my ear. "It was the Captain wasn't it?"

"I think so. I wonder who she's looking for?"

B'Elanna shrugged.

"Come on, while the coast is clear let's get out of here," I urged.

She agreed and we both exited out into the portico, but before we could leave the building we heard the sound of footsteps coming in our direction. Quickly, we ducked behind a potted evergreen tree and sank back into the shadows. With both of us seated on the floor and with B'Elanna leaning back against my chest, we waited.

The patter of footsteps, accompanied by light laughter, grew louder. The owner of a pair of the footsteps, a man, backed into the portico enticing apparently his companion to join him. Soon a dark haired woman, flung herself happily into his waiting arms and he spun her around much like I had done with B'Elanna earlier. As they turned I could feel my heart all but stop. B'Elanna clutched my arm that was encircling her. The man looked just like me except he was dressed in a very short, almost indecent, white tunic and his hair was much longer than regulation. To add to my amazement, the dark haired woman was the spitting image of my B'Elanna! She wore a stark white tunic that fell half-way between her hips and her knees, and her shiny dark hair was loosely pulled back with a white ribbon.

"They look like us," B'Elanna breathed in my ear. It was all I could do to nod. I didn't know what to say. I certainly hadn't expected to see duplicates of B'Elanna and me on the holodeck. Pulling my lover close to me, we both watched the drama unfold.

"Thomas, you make me laugh!" the holo-B'Elanna remarked, her grinning face looked joyously up into her partner's.

"I don't know what I'd do without you, Elana. When I left Britany my only thought was to get back home, now I can't imagine being without you. You are my home."

"Elana?" B'Elanna whispered.

"Sssshhh," I warned and nuzzled the back of B'Elanna's neck to appease her, and to please me.

"And I cannot imagine how I lived before I met you," Elana told my holodeck clone. "I've never been so happy. You always know how to make me smile."

Thomas grinned at the compliment and effortlessly, swept Elana up into his arms and carried her over to the fountain where he placed her gently on a nearby bench. Then he folded his long legs under him and sat before her on the tiled floor, not able to take his eyes off the woman. Not that I blamed him, I knew how he felt--many times in fact. Elana noticed it too and bent down towards him obviously intending to kiss him. At that instant, one of the slaves walked through the portico carrying a large pile of what looked like clothing. It disrupted a promising private moment.

Reluctantly shifting his attention away from Elana's full lips, Thomas pointed to her small feet. "You're feet are dirty, my lady," Thomas declared formally. They were indeed splattered with mud. "Let me wash them."

"Don't you want to kiss me?" she teased. Elana seemed terribly disappointed that he had pulled away from her before they could kiss.

"I just don't want to get caught, it could cause us both a lot of trouble," Thomas explained. "Besides, don't you want me to wash your feet?"

Elana giggled in response. Taking that as a yes, Thomas gently took off her sandals. Then pulling out the shoulder piece of his tunic he wet it in the fountain. Tenderly he placed her foot in his lap and began to thoroughly wash away the dirt, when he was satisfied it was clean he worked on the other. After he was finished, he reached for the hem of his tunic and dried them.

"Am I clean now, Thomas? She wiggled her toes that were just a few centimeters from his face.

He carefully scrutinized that one foot. "It looks clean," he announced. Thomas sniffed at her foot first on the top and on the sole. "It smells clean."

She chuckled and reaching out to him ruffled his hair with her fingers. He looked up at her, I could see the devil in Thomas' eyes. A devil that I'm sure B'Elanna is very familiar with.

He smiled the turned his attention back to her foot, bringing the foot up closer to his face.

"You are very thorough," Elana remarked.

He smiled and with a swipe of his tongue licked the bottom of her foot. Elana squealed and pulled her foot out from his grasp. Thomas grinned. "Your foot even tastes clean."

"You're silly, Thomas."

"Do you want me to stop?" he queried.

"I didn't say that...I'd never say that." Elana admitted. Her voice reminded me of B'Elanna's when she was trying to seduce me, low and rough, and utterly irresistible. She reached out with her hand and caressed Thomas' cheek. He tilted his head leaning into her palm, enjoying her touch. It was then that I noticed the fine line of a scar along his face, and I wondered how he had earned it. Finally capturing that same hand with his own he turned it over and placed a kiss in her palm. "I want nothing more than to be with you, Thomas," Elana continued. "I love you and don't want Aunt Caterinia to strike you again."

So that was how he was injured.

Thomas looked away, obviously ashamed. "I deserved it, Elana. I touched her on the stair, and she struck...hard," His voice was barely a whisper, intended for Elana's ears alone. B'Elanna and I had to listen intently to hear all he had to say. Thomas looked up at her, entrusting his soul and his fate to her care. "That evening was the first time of many times she ordered her, and I...did. I didn't want her to hit me again. Actually, I even told myself I didn't mind, I thought I owed her because she bought me from my second master, a man that I was sure would kill me eventually. So I convinced myself that it was for the best and that I enjoyed it. Then things changed-- I met you."

Elena slid off the bench and kneeling before Thomas wrapped her arms around him. Encircling her waist with his strong arms, he pulled her closer, burying his face against her neck. It was obvious that this couple--this holographic couple, I had to remind myself--loved each other very much. Drinking in the sight, my arms instinctively tightened around B'Elanna. She in turn tilted her head up to me and mouthed the words 'I love you' and we kissed. Her full lips pressed against mine, opening to let me in. My B'Elanna, my love. How had I ever lived without her? My life had been led by fate, and fate led me to other better half.

Breaking apart, we saw that Elana and Thomas had done the same. Thomas stroked her face lovingly and she burrowed her fingers in the hair on his chest. "I'm going to talk to Uncle Chacotus today--"

"But I thought we decided it would be best to wait," he interrupted.

"I thought so too, but with Aunt Caterinia, away, I thought it would be a good time. My birthday is in two weeks, I think I could convince uncle to give you to me--or even let me buy you. Then when we are together, I can free you and we can go to your Britannia."

Thomas trapped her face between his hands, and he breathed her name. Turning her head to one side he gently pressed his lips against hers, it seemed almost reverent the way Thomas tasted her mouth--so gentle, so tender. Savoring the moment, he lingered at her lips enjoying their taste thoroughly before moving just below her ear where he nuzzled her neck. She seemed to enjoy it, and in fact I could hear her purr. Any worry about being discovered was forgotten in their passion for each other. I knew if Elana was programed to be like my B'Elanna she wouldn't be able to resist Thomas. He returned to the sweetness of her full lips. Leaning into the kiss, mouths open, tongues penetrating, he dropped one hand to her bare outer thigh. His hand worked its way up her thigh as his mouth wove a path from her lips and down her neck. Elana arched her back, pressing her breasts against him. Thomas' fingers explored the curve of her hip, his tongue probed her cleavage. I felt myself harden at the sight, and I could hear from the rough way B'Elanna was breathing she was excited as well.


The shout not only startled Elana and her lover, but B'Elanna and I as well. There in all her glory was Voyager's Captain. Some of her auburn hair had escaped her bun and was framing her face...a face reddened with rage.

"Thomas, I sent for you to attend me! Instead I see you here with..." Thomas released Elana and Elana turned her head around to face the older woman. Janeway's jaw dropped, and for a moment I thought she'd drop too. Instead, her eyes narrowed and she clenched her teeth. I'd seen that same look when she'd taken on the Borg and the Kazon, it was a look that said in no uncertain terms: Don't mess with me, or there'll be hell to pay.

"Computer," she snarled, "delete the woman." If there was any doubt before as to whether this was Kathryn Janeway, this clinched it--holocharacters didn't talk to computers.

:::::Unable to process request::::

Thomas and Elana looked blankly at Janeway, not understanding what she was saying.

The Captain looked visibly upset that the computer didn't delete Elana. I wondered why it wouldn't until I heard her say something nearly under her breath that sounded like "damn, Chakotay."

B'Elanna tilted her head back against my chest. "Chakotay must have tinkered with her program when he was in here last," she whispered. "He must have disabled the subroutine that allows the author to make changes."

"Obviously. She certainly didn't seem very pleased to see *you*." I replied back softly.

"It wasn't just me, Tom," B'Elanna remarked. "I think it was seeing *me* with *you*."

I suppose it should have shocked me what B'Elanna had to say, but it didn't. For months...hell it's been years now...I knew the me. Lately she'd seemed to have taken it even further. I'd catch Janeway looking at me as if I was a prime cut of beef...or maybe a fine Columbian blend. It made me squirm on the inside, but I faced the world, or the Delta Quadrant, with my mask on, pretending not to notice.

When B'Elanna and I started seeing each other I'd hoped that the Captain would seek out someone the Commander. God knows, and so did most of the ship, that he thought the world of her, but she didn't seem to notice. But me being in a serious relationship, even after three years, didn't seem to deter the Captain's attraction towards me. Not wanting to go into depth about the Captain right then with B'Elanna, I remained silent.

Hearing the sound of the Captain clearing her throat returned our attention to the scene before us.

"You will *join* me upstairs, Thomas," Janeway ordered. "Now!" The implication of the word join was well apparent.

Thomas looked first at Janeway and then back towards Elana. I heard him tell Elana that he was sorry, and then he slowly took a step away from her and towards the Captain. It wasn't hard to tell that he didn't want to go.

"Maybe that is something I can help you with, Caterinia?" called out a familiar voice. Moving towards the trio came a tall man, dressed in a long white toga edged with a dark wine-colored border.

It was only then that I realized that this was the Caterinia that Thomas had referred to, the one that he My next thought hit me in the gut--hard--Kathryn Janeway had made a holocharacter of me, so she could fulfill some kind of sexual fantasy, so she could satisfy her lust! B'Elanna gave my thigh a squeeze with her hand silently communicating to me that she both sympathized and by the pressure she was exerting would cheerfully like to break the Captain's neck.

As the man walked closer, we could see that not only did he sound familiar, he resembled Voyager's First Officer, including the tattoo on his forehead.

"Chacotus!" Janeway exclaimed.

"I see you haven't forgotten your husband, even after you've been away in Roma these many months."

"Of...of course not," she stammered, clearly surprised at either Chacotus' presence or his outspokenness, or more likely both.

"While you were gone, I invited my niece," he explained and with one hand motioned towards the younger woman, "Elana, to stay here."

Janeway nodded. "I see that she and Thomas have gotten to *know* one another." There was no mistaking the accusatory tone of her voice, or what she meant by "know."

"That's not the issue right now. Elana, Thomas, leave us alone." Not hesitating, the pair obeyed the older man and slipped into the house.

Chacotus slowly approached the Captain and standing tall beside her peered down into her gray eyes. "I suppose you and Elana have something in common, or *had* something in common. You may think I've been blind, but I know you've had Thomas bed you several times before you left on your trip. The walls aren't that thick in our home. I've even heard you scream out in pleasure during the night--a sound you once reserved for me, and me alone."

At that moment I think I stopped breathing, though my heart beat so loud I thought it could come through my chest. It was a wonder that the Captain didn't hear it.

"Computer, delete Chacotus," Janeway ordered through clenched teeth.

::::Unable to comply::::

Chacotus then grabbed the Captain by the shoulders and pulled her towards him. "What's the matter, wife? You don't look happy to see me." Crushing his lips against hers he kissed her thoroughly. Janeway tried to fight back, pushing against his barrel of a chest, but Chakotay's look-a-like was not only strong but relentless. Abruptly he swung her up into his arms, his lips still locked onto hers, and carried her out of the portico.

"Move." B'Elanna whispered into my ear. Without hesitation I grabbed her outstretched hand and followed. We moved quickly out from behind the planter, exited the portico and rushed out into the garden.

We skirted around a fig tree and a large bush when I suddenly pulled B'Elanna back. "Wait!" I called out.

She looked back at me clearly puzzled. "Why? If we hurry up we can exit this program, and Janeway will never know."

"I can't let her be...raped by that character."

"You don't know that is what will happen," she argued.

I looked up towards the windows on the second floor, from where sounds of a struggle emanated. Janeway may be confused about her emotions, but she still was the woman that got me out of that prison in New Zealand. If it wasn't for her, I'd never have had the opportunity to get a second chance on life, and I never would have got to know B'Elanna.

"I can't take that risk," I explained. "There must be something we can do...a diversion perhaps?"

My spitfire half-Klingon hesitated briefly. I knew her Klingon half would just as soon let Janeway rot, but her Human half won out. "Maybe a fire? We could set the garden ablaze."

"Can you do that?"

B'Elanna pulled a small tool out of her pocket. "All I have to do is to set this to overload by adjusting a couple of settings..." Her small fingers quickly made the adjustments. "... then..." She dropped the device among the plants and grabbed my arm. "....we run like the Cardies were on our ass!"


After, we made sure that a bedraggled, but unharmed, Janeway had left the holodeck, B'Elanna and I headed back to my quarters. I felt dazed...still not quiet believing what we had witnessed. B'Elanna steered me over to my bunk and pushed me down so I sat on the edge and then she knelt before me.

"Can I get you anything? Something to drink?"

", thank you. All I need is you," I murmured. Gathering her into my arms, I held her close. I embraced her for what seemed like hours. Eventually B'Elanna tilted her head upwards to face me.

"You're thinking of them, aren't you?" she asked.

"Yeah. I know they were just holocharacters but..." I paused, the words caught in my throat.

"But they seemed so real," she finished for me.

"I guess. Or maybe they seemed real to us, because they represented us? I don't know." Placing one of my hands against her face I stroked her cheek bone slowly with my thumb. "Maybe I'm not making any sense."

"Or maybe you didn't know Chakotay was so good at holoprogramming?" she teased.

I smiled slightly. "Perhaps. I don't know. Thomas seemed so torn. He wanted to be with Elana, but he belonged to Caterinia."

"Like you're with me, but you feel obligated to Janeway for getting you out of the rehab colony?"

"Yeah, I guess. I also had no idea"

"Obsessed?" B'Elanna offered.

I nodded. "How obsessed she is with me. It is one thing to be attracted to someone else, but to go to the trouble of creating a holocharacter of that's just...weird."

"Not to mention against Starfleet regulations. I think you should confront her," B'Elanna urged. "What she did is wrong,"

"And get busted from ensign down to crewman. If it keeps up, it won't be long before I am an observer again!" I paused for a moment and laughed humorlessly. "Maybe that's what she wants. Me back as an observer, then she won't be bound by Starfleet regulations about trying to have a relationship with me."

"There has to be another solution. Something else we can do. Maybe we could talk to Chakotay?"

"I don't think he'd be able to help us. This is really between me and the captain, but I just can't go up and talk to her about it, then she'd know we were in her program."

"So do you have anything in mind?"

"Maybe. I think I'll sleep on it though...want to join me?"

B'Elanna smiled seductively at me. I knew that we wouldn't be just sleeping that night. She had been as turned on by Thomas and Elana as I had been. We pulled off our clothes, first I stripped B'Elanna and then she me. What followed next was memorable. We seemed to function in slow motion, wanting to make each touch last forever. I don't think I've ever felt more loved than I had that night. I held B'Elanna afterwards while she slept, not being able to get much sleep myself. Too many thoughts and visions traveled at warp speed through my mind: I thought about Elana and Thomas; about B'Elanna and the love we shared; Janeway's feelings for me, and above all what do to about her. In the morning when B'Elanna woke, we were still in each others arms, her dark head pillowed against my shoulder.

"Mornin'," I drawled.

B'Elanna, who peeked up through locks of hair that had fallen over her face, reached across my chest and gave me a squeeze, then as quiet as a cat she rolled over on top of me. Her bare breasts pressed against my equally bare chest.

"Good morning, did you get any sleep?"

I shrugged. "A bit."

"Hmmmm... somehow I don't even think you even got that much." She ran her index finger from my forehead, down my nose, and to my lips where I captured it and sucked it in. B'Elanna giggled. Smiling I released her finger.

"No, not much, I admitted."

"You've been thinking?" she concluded. "Come up with any answers?"

"I think so. I'll tell you about them after."

"After what?"

I moved my hips up against her. "After you help me take care of a little problem."

"You may be many things, Mr. Paris," B'Elanna concluded. "But little certainly isn't one of them."

She braced herself with her hands on my chest and eased upwards. Ever so slowly and deliberately she rubbed herself against me. Back and forth, forth and back, I thought I'd explode right then. Then she suddenly stopped, trapped my gaze with hers, her grin grew wider, I smiled back. In a quick movement she pulled herself up and then down onto me. What happened next was like a trapped hurricane...undulating motion, moans, groans, pleadings, prayers, all culminating in a climatic release, and it followed with B'Elanna once again laying against my chest. It just didn't get any better than this...than us.

I fingered her hair away from her face, careful not to pull. "You're incredible," I breathed.

She smiled. "It's easy when you're in love."

I was blessed.


Supplemental Log

...a few months later.

It took a while, a lot of thinking, and a whole lot of research before I decided what I wanted to do about Kathryn Janeway. My retaliation had to be subtle. She couldn't suspect what I or B'Elanna knew. So I asked a lot of careful questions, of her and Tuvok, being that he was her oldest friend on the ship. It's not easy to obtain information from a Vulcan security officer without raising suspicions so I had to be cautious. A question here, and observation there, that he'd either confirm or deny, but eventually a plan took form.

Then I spent weeks creating a holoprogram. I even enlisted Harry's help, though he didn't know the real reason why I was working on this project. As it turned out, I grew very found of the program. The main theme was this quaint Irish village, one of Janeway's weaknesses I had found out was Irish history. Harry chose the name of Fair Haven for the village. I would have preferred Kilkenny, but I let him have his way, after all Fair Haven did sound very inviting. It was lovely, no detail was overlooked. We had a priest, peddlers, townsfolk, animals, sunshine, a variety of stores, eating establishments, and of course a pub; with plans in the future to add a seacoast. The crew, I knew, was really going to enjoy this one, and Harry and I were very proud of our creation.

To make sure that the Captain would enjoy the program, B'Elanna and I worked on developing the character of the publican. No Irish village worth it's latinum is complete without a friendly barkeep, and this one would be no exception.

B'Elanna walked around the holocharacter. As of yet, it stood before us as naked as the day it was born. The proverbial lump of clay waiting to be molded by its creators. As already ordered by my mate, the character was handsome, but not too handsome. B'Elanna had concluded that Janeway had a soft spot, somewhere, for the rough-looking type.

"I think we should make him a bit taller."

"Not too tall," I warned her. There was one thing for certain, Michael Sullivan our bartender, was not going to look anything like me.

"Ok, say...180 centimetres?"

I nodded.

"Computer, increase height to 180 centimeters."


The holocharacter rose in height as ordered.

"And he should have dark hair, like the Commander's," I suggested. "Computer, give the character a very dark brown head of hair, about eight centimeters long, and dress him as is consistent with the Fair Haven program."


The lump grew a nice crop of hair, and clothes appeared on the body--a homespun white shirt and a matching, though slightly rumpled, vest and trousers.

B'Elanna rose one eyebrow. "What are you up to? Well not counting what I know you are up to?"

I snickered. "Well, I figured if we were going to create a holo- character to curl Janeway's hair, why not get her pointed in the right direction at the same time. Making him look a little like Chakotay couldn't hurt."

"Matchmaker!" she accused with a grin. "I like it. What else? Maybe we can program him to like to read, draw, and drink coffee?"

"I don't know, B'Elanna."

"But it's all things that we know Janeway likes. Wouldn't that help her to be attracted to our Mr. Sullivan?"

I walked slowly around the barkeeper, carefully noting his features. "It might. Computer, add a three-day growth of facial hair."


"But there is something that Janeway likes more than a good book, drawing pretty pictures, or freshly brewed coffee." I looked up to see a puzzled expression on my mate's face. "Kathryn Janeway, B'Elanna, loves nothing more than a good reclamation project. For instance, look at me or Seven? It is probably the one thing I have in common with the ex-Borg, other than being blue eyed and blond."

"I see you've been giving this a lot of thought."

"You bet. Computer, integrate all data from file Paris-Sullivan 0-3 into the holocharacter Michael Sullivan."


The holocharacter shimmered a bit.

B'Elanna looked first at Michael and then at me, her curiosity piqued. "What was in the file?"

I smiled slightly down at B'Elanna. "Several things. Mostly minor character traits, ranging from how to pour a stiff shot of Irish whiskey, familial relations, the famous Irish gift for gab, and even that twinkle in his eye he'll get when he smiles. Most important of which, I've programmed him to recognize the Captain, and when he does, to charm the pants off of her."

B'Elanna giggled at the reference.

"When Janeway enters the bar, Michael will be overwhelmed with the desire to please her, despite the fact that he is married."


"That's the best part, B'Elanna. Computer, should the Captain make any changes to the character of Michael Sullivan, in particular if she should delete his wife, notify me immediately."


The end

Well the "Logs of Passion" have come to and end. I'd appreciate if you, the reader, would fill out the form below and let me know what you think about this story, and the series. You can email me at Thanks. My website can be found at

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