Any Other Name by Zappy Zaps

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May 02

Part 6


Newly promoted Kathryn Janeway walked into her home in Indiana. She wanted to spend her leave relaxing at home and seeing her mother. Kathryn had so much to tell her. She had recently switched from the science department to command and she found herself enjoying the new challenges her command position posed. Hopefully one day she be a captain like her mentor and friend Owen Paris.
She thought about Captain Paris as she made her way to the front door. She hadn’t see Captain Paris since her last leave nearly six months ago. Captain Paris was supposed to be working at Starfleet Command during the break but he hadn’t returned to the Al Batani when all the officers had been recalled.
She had sent him a few messages to inform him of her progress since he had expressed interest in her career but she had only received a brief response to the second one.
Entering her home she laid her bag on the floor near the front door and went to see her mother. She had sent her a message that she would be coming home. Kathryn walked through the rooms on the first level but didn’t see her mother in any of them. When she passed the glass doors to the back patio she noticed her mother outside seemingly deep in thought.
“Mom?” Kathryn called cautiously not wanting to startle her mother.
Gretchen turned her head so that she could see her daughter. She smiled slightly and greeted her but the smile soon vanished as she looked at the object in her hands. Kathryn walked to her mother’s side.
In her hands was a worn teddy bear obviously belonging to a child but she didn’t recognize it as one of her or her younger sisters old toys.
“Whose is that?” Kathryn asked.
After a moment Gretchen replied, “Tommy’s.”
“Tommy?” She couldn’t remember who Tommy was.
“Captain Paris’ son,” Gretchen provided. Her hand tightened ever so slightly around the bear thinking about what that man did to his son and his wife.
“Oh. Why do you have it?” Kathryn wondered and her mother sighed quietly. Kathryn studied her mother’s mood. She seemed to be dealing with some heavy thoughts but she didn’t understand what was bothering her so much.
“Tommy dropped it,” Gretchen said quietly.
“I can take it back to Captain Paris sometime. I’m sure I’ll see him again,” Kathryn offered.
“Sure,” Gretchen said tiredly and handed the bear to her oldest daughter.
Despite its fairly ratty appearance the bear was still soft to the touch and Kathryn imagined that Tommy must miss his friend quite a bit. She promised to take it to Captain Paris. Kathryn had checked and found he was still working at Starfleet Command. She would visit him while she was still on Earth.
“So, I hear you’re moving up the ranks,” Gretchen said with a tender smile as she walked back to the house.
Kathryn smiled glad that her mother wasn’t upset that she had changed tracks. Her father had taken the command route and he was eventually killed during a mission. She knew her mother had the same fear that something would happen to her as well.

A few days later Lieutenant Janeway was waiting outside the office of Captain Paris. She wondered why he had given up commanding his own vessel to take a desk job. She knew about his capture and subsequent torture by the Cardassians; she had been on the ship at the time. Maybe he was still recovering psychologically from what had happened.
A few minutes later a Commodore walked out of the office. Janeway saluted the higher ranking officer and he in return gave her a short nod and continued on his way. Pressing the announcer Kathryn received permission to enter, so she did.
“Lieutenant Janeway,” Captain Paris said neutrally.
“Captain Paris,” she greeted and stood at attention. Owen noticed she was carrying a small object in her hand but it was partly blocked by her body.
“At ease,” he said and Janeway relaxed slightly. “I’m glad to see you’re doing well. I told you that you were fit for command.”
“Thank you, sir,” Janeway said. There were a few seconds of awkward silence until Owen spoke.
“Is there something you need?”
“No, sir but I wanted to return this. I believe it’s your son’s.” She held out the bear to him but he didn’t move from the seat behind the desk. In fact he made no move at all. A shadow seemed to come over his features at the mention of his son.
“It was his favourite,” Owen whispered to himself. Kathryn barely heard the words. He was silent as waves of regret washed over him.
“Captain, is something wrong?” Kathryn asked noticing his state of melancholy.
His attention snapped back to the young woman in his office. “No, everything’s fine,” he lied. “You can keep it. He doesn’t need it….”Owen said not wanting to let her know what had happened.
“Oh….alright then.” She paused for a moment wondering what he was hiding. “It was good to see you again,” She said getting ready to leave.
He nodded not really listening and said something about her contacting him if she needed help. Kathryn left the office but Owen barely noticed. He was still lost in thought.
Millions of miles away his son was out their with his mother probably wondering where his daddy was and why his daddy had hurt him. Owen rested his head in his hands as the miserable state he had been in for the past months returned.
Tommy was gone and it was his fault. Part of him thanked Merra for taking him away so that he couldn’t hurt Tommy or her again but another part of him was angry. She had no right to take away his son!
He wanted to see Tommy again but what could he do? Go to a shrink and loose the last of his remaining dignity or take the risk of trying to take Tommy himself and risk his career at the same time? Neither choice was highly appealing.
I don’t need help, he tried convincing himself. Who was she to tell him what to do? She can’t control him….but she can take away his only child. Loosing Tommy was worse than anything the Cardassians had done to him so why wouldn’t he just give in and get counselling. Paris’s are strong. He didn’t need counselling but she didn’t understand.

Kathryn left Captain Paris’ office her own thoughts moving almost to fast for her to understand. Paris was obviously hurting from something to do with his son. What happened to Tommy? That was the reason for his current state. Where was his son?”


For several minutes after Kathryn recounted her memory she and Chakotay tried to solve the Mystery of Tom. There was so much about him they didn’t know and even more they didn’t understand.
He was obviously a highly trained member of and organization –they could tell from his deportment. ‘Corrin’ is a Fieran name so he might be partly Fieran and from what the Talaxian trader said, the man they knew as Tom Corrin was actually Tom Paris. This was all too confusing.
Chakotay gave up trying to understand Tom for now. “Maybe we should just ask him.”
“I don’t think he’d answer our questions,” Janeway said.
“It doesn’t matter anyway. He’ll be leaving the ship in a few days,” Chakotay stated.
“I don’t think it’s a good idea to just drop him off somewhere and continue on our way. We owe him.”
“I don’t think he helped us to get a reward.” Janeway agreed with his assessment. Tom hadn’t asked for anything extra from them.
“Why does he want to leave so badly?” Janeway posed to no one in particular.

A few decks away Tom was heading to his quarters from the transporter room. They had just said good-bye to the trader and Tom was glad to see him go. That little man had too big a mouth. If they were suspicious or curious about him before, being called Tom Paris had only made it worse.
He walked into his quarters and sat down at the computer terminal. He checked on the encrypted files that were sent from the Mercury before the ship was destroyed. The files were still locked down; nobody had cracked the encryption if anybody had tried at all.
He only had to hang around for a few more days before he could get his own ship. What he hoped to accomplish on his own he didn’t know but he’s been living solo for a long time. Why stop now?
‘The less people who know the better,’ he remembered Kail’s words and understood how true they were. He had seen people killed because they knew something they shouldn’t have. He knew far too much and there were probably a few people in the Alpha Quadrant who would like nothing more than to see him six feet under or in a torpedo casing. Most of the people didn’t know who he was though so he didn’t have to worry about them trying to come after him but there were still a few he had to worry about and thus he had to worry about if they weren’t dead already.
He leaned back in his chair still thinking. They were safe in the Delta Quadrant were they not –seventy-five thousand light-years from home. Nobody out here cared what organization he worked for. Couldn’t he stay? Nobody would be trying to kill him (hopefully). He thought about the Kazon. Well maybe there were a few people out to get him (and Voyager) but they don’t know it was him who help the Voyager crew…unless any of the people he had worked with before told the Kazon about him.
Too many liabilities, Tom thought to himself. That’s why I like to work alone.

Kes was in sickbay again helping the Doctor with the blood tests again. She things had slowed down as much of the crew had already come in the previous days. She remembered about the doctor performing the genetic search in hopes of determining Tom’s surname. She wondered if it had been successful.
Searching for Tom’s file she looked at the name: ‘Paris’

Somewhere else on Voyager a covert message was sent to the Kazon by a traitorous crewmember. The information it held would be vital for the Kazon to get their revenge on the person responsible for their loss. In a few of days they would be stopping at a station to drop off their mystery crewman and that’s when the Kazon could get him and Voyager in a surprise attack.

Torres arrived outside Tom’s quarters range the announcer. A few seconds later she heard Tom call for the person to enter. Walking in she found him working at his desk terminal with music blaring.
“Computer, pause music,” Tom said as she came in. “Hey, Torres,” he greeted causally and shutdown his desk terminal.
“What were you doing?” She asked.
Tom smirked at her curiosity. He remembered Sobey talking about her when he had ‘visited’ the Liberty, or at least the Liberty’s sickbay.
“Nothing to trouble your pretty little head over.” Tom said as he got up. B’Elanna tried to analyse his comment but didn’t understand him well enough to do so. He continued “What bring you to my neck of the woods?”
“Neck of the woods?” Torres had never heard that expression before.
“What are you doing here?” Tom re-iterated.
“Oh, I just came to see how you were doing,” she said and avoided his gaze by looking around his quarters. There wasn’t much to look at. “Nice place you’ve got here.”
“I’m not much of an interior decorator.”
“You’re not kidding. This room is bare.” No objects garnished the walls, not pictures adorned the tables not even a stray piece of clothing lay on his bed. There was nothing in view that marked this room as his own.
“Well, I’m leaving in a few days so I shouldn’t make myself too comfortable,” Tom said.
“Why are you leaving?” B’Elanna asked him bluntly. “Don’t you want to go back home?”
He chose not to mention the fact that his home for the past several years had been destroyed. Instead he shrugged and sat down on the standard issue sofa in his room.
“Your chances of making it back to the Alpha Quadrant alone aren’t very high. One ship out here in the middle of nowhere. Our chances on Voyager aren’t great either.” She paused. “If you stayed you’d improve our odds and your own.”
“You thinks so,” Tom said not confirming or denying anything.
“I think you’ve got a few other trick up your sleeve, yes.” She smiled slightly. He seemed to have a lot of secrets and since he wasn’t sharing them with anybody it only increased her efforts to find out what they were. Usually she wouldn’t have cared but something about him….
“Just a few?” Tom said with cocky smirk on his face. He was becoming more relaxed in her presence. Maybe it was because Sobey had spoken so highly of her or maybe it was something else. His eyes traced her figure that was partially obscured by the Starfleet uniform.
“I don’t know. Maybe more than a few but, then again I could decrypt the information from the Mercury,” She said sounding slightly annoyed and Tom smiled.
There was silence in the room for a few seconds before B’Elanna spoke again.
“I’ll see you around Tom. You should reconsider Janeway’s offer for you to become part of this crew.” She said as she headed for the door.
“Trust me, I’m more trouble than I’m worth.”
“A little trouble never scared me off.” And with that she exited his quarters. Tom sat there for a few minutes trying to figure out exactly what was meant by that last comment. Even after all the jobs he’d done, all the situations he had been able to diffuse, he still didn’t understand women. He smiled to himself as he went to the replicator. He always did like a challenge.

“Come in,” Kathryn said absently as she read through the text displayed on her desk computer. B’Elanna Torres walked in and Kathryn briefly nodded to her. The two women had become friends during their time under the control of the Kazon. At first their personalities had clashed but eventually the tension settled and the two found that they were a formidable team (when they weren’t arguing).
“Sorry to bother you in your quarters Captain,” B’Elanna apologized but Kathryn dismissed it with a wave of her hand. “What are you reading?” B’Elanna asked noticing she didn’t have the older woman’s attention.
“Checking in the background of Mr. Paris,”
“Who’s Mr. Paris?” B’Elanna thought she would be more concerned with figuring out who exactly Tom was.
“Tom Paris,” Kathryn stated.
“I thought he was Tom…” she tried to recall his last name, “…Corrin.”
“So did I but the trader that was on board knew Tom Corrin as Tom Paris, and Paris is a name I know.”
“I don’t follow,” Torres said as she took a seat in a chair.
“He never denied being Tom Paris but he never denied Chakotay calling him Corrin either.” Kathryn rubbed her brow trying to figure out the puzzle before her.
“He never confirmed his name was Corrin either, at least I’ve never heard him. Usually he introduces himself a Tom,” B’Elanna added. There was silence in the room as Kathryn continued looking and B’Elanna wondered what the Captain was looking at until finally she asked.
“I think that Tom may be the son of a Starfleet Admiral,” Kathryn said. “But I can’t find anything in his file beyond his birth date….” She decided to take her search to a more classified area of the database and what she found didn’t shed any light on their mystery man. If anything it only added to the mystery.
Within the classified file was a reference to someone named Tom. Apparently he had met a diplomat that was involved in a difficult situation but managed to diffuse it. The diplomat was unable to give a description as the man wore a mask and could only provide the name.
Kathryn decided to look through the intelligence reports from the DMZ and the information Tuvok had acquired during his stay in Chakotay’s sect. She found a reference to a member of Chakotay’s sect named ‘Sobey’ and some of them were accompanied by a description of another man whom Sobey was sometimes seen conversing with. The description was always the same: blonde, blue eyes, tall, slender build. There was not doubt in Janeway’s mind that this was Tom but exactly was his connection with Sobey?
Janeway told B’Elanna some of what she had found hoping that the engineer would know something about Tom or Sobey that no one knew but that was a dead end.
“He and I weren’t close,” B’Elanna said. They worked in different departments. Sobey was usually on the bridge and she was usually in engineering when they were on the Liberty, rarely crossing paths. “To me he seemed rather secretive, much like someone else we know. Chakotay would know more about him.”
“Then let’s ask him.” Kathryn announced and tapped her commbadge. “Janeway to Chakotay.”
“Yes Captain,” came the quick response.
“If you’re not busy would you please report to my cabin. Lt. Torres and I have a puzzle you may be able to put together,” she said cryptically.
In his quarters, Chakotay wondered what puzzle was too difficult for two people as bright as Kathryn and B’Elanna to figure out; men maybe?
He smirked and responded, “I’m on my way Captain.”
A few minutes later he arrived in Janeway’s quarters.
“Tell me about Sobey,” Janeway said as he walked in.

End Part 6

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