What Lurks in the Hearts of Men by maxine

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Title: What Lurks in the Hearts of Men Part 1
Author: Maxine with help from Polly and Nienna
Pairing: Implications all over the place. J/EHM/7 C/P
Category/Warning: General with a side of hetro and slash kink?
Word count: Would you believe, exactly 1,000, without the header? Couldn't do that again if I tried.

"Hey Harry, how's it going?" Tom Paris asked his best friend as he sat beside him.

When Tom didn't get a response, he nudged the younger man. "Harry, hello. Anyone in there?"

"What. Oh, hey Tom. Didn't see you sit down," Harry offered with a blush.

"I can see that. What were you thinking about?"

"Umm… nothing," Harry answered, turning redder.

"No way, old buddy. You're not going to avoid the question. I *know* you were off in some distance place, now fess up." Tom crossed his arms and waited.

"Not going to happen, *old buddy*. This is one time I don't think I care to share."

"Harry, Harry, Harry." Tom scooted closer and in a stage whisper continued. "I am your best friend. We share *everything*. Besides, I have ways of making you talk," Tom smirked.

Harry fidgeted in his chair. He knew that Tom would do whatever he deemed necessary to make Harry tell. With a sigh, Harry resolved to explain his thoughts to his friend, hoping Tom didn't find him completely nuts or maybe too kinky.

"Okay, but you have to promise not to say anything," Harry offered.

"Well, I'll promise not to share it with anyone but Chakotay. You know I don't keep anything from him."

"Tom, I don't know. This could be quite disturbing."

"Oh come on, Harry. I highly doubt anything you'd think of would truly disturb Chakotay."

After a moment, Harry decided what the hell, Tom was probably right. He knew from previous talks with Tom that Chakotay was fairly open-minded, and would most likely not think less of him.

"All right. Yesterday, I was working with Seven. She was wearing that blue, umm, outfit. Anyway, I couldn't help but wonder where the EHM came up with the idea for Seven's outfits. I do understand that because of the remaining Borg implants she still has that she requires some form of support. And I suppose that he tried to mimic the suit that the Borg drones are encased in, but personally I would think something worn under regular clothing would've been more appropriate."

"I hadn't really thought about it, but now that you mention it, you're right. Seems like the doc could have found something a little less revealing for her."

"Exactly, so there I was trying to come up with a logical reason for a suit that reminds me of a Dominatrix outfit. You know, I've never actually felt the texture but it looks like leather to me."

"Yeah, again, you're right. When I think about it. I never would have connected the two but now that you mention it, all of her outfits do look like leather and they could pass as Domme suits."

"Exactly, so why would the EHM dress her like that? Did he realize what she would look like? Was that his intention all along? Does the EHM have a thing for kink?"

Tom shivered. "You know Harry, I'm not sure I truly want to think about that."

"Yeah well, it gets worse."

"Worse?" Oh god." Tom gulped down his drink. "Okay, lay it on me."

"Right, so I'm thinking about this, trying to work with the woman when the captain comes in. That's when I noticed it."

"Noticed what?"

"Well, I've seen Captain Janeway in many different situations and I think after all these years I've gotten almost all her facial expression down. Except the one she had on her face when she first looked at Seven yesterday. I don't think she realized I was there for a moment. I have to tell you Tom, what I saw disturbed me *a lot*."

Tom groaned.

"I think you see where I'm going here. Janeway looked like she wanted to devour Seven right there. It scared me, Tom. It scared the crap out of me because my brain went someplace I never wanted to go. What if the captain had something to do with the way Seven is dressed. What if the EHM *and* the captain *like* seeing Seven as a Dominatrix.

"What if they all meet secretly on the holodeck. I got this picture in my head of the captain bound to a St. Andrew's cross and the EHM tied to a spanking horse. In the middle stood Seven in that blue suit, with a bullwhip in her hand. They're sharing lashes, Seven is flicking that whip back and forth over their backs and they're screaming in ecstasy."

"Jesus, Harry, you are one sadistic bastard! I'm going to have that imagine stuck in my head forever."

"Hey, I warned you. I *told* you that I didn't want to share. Now you can suffer along with me, because I was working really hard to push the thought out of my head and you just had to force it right back."

"Hell, if I had any idea that 'sweet innocent Harry Kim' could allow his mind to go that far into the realm of bizarre I would have never asked."

"I'm not sweet or innocent and you know it. Besides, don’t tell me that you and Chakotay don't go for some kink now and then. I've seen you after a day off with him. Hell, I've seen him after that same day off, both of you look like you'd been doing a lot more than just vanilla sex."

Tom had the good grace to blush. "Yeah well, even we don't go *that* far, Harry."

Harry shifted uncomfortable in his chair. He would never admit to his friend that he lusted after both Tom and Chakotay. He'd never tell Tom that there were nights Harry lay in his bed playing different scenes in his head about what Chakotay and Tom did together. How he'd love to watch, or better yet be invited to join.

"Well, thanks for sharing, Harry. Now I have to go and see if I can convince Chakotay to rid me of the horror that is your mind." Tom said as he stood. "I'll talk to you later."

To Be Continued.