Five Years by Darksusie

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Tom stared in shock. The words of a moment ago echoed in his head.

“You are sentenced to five years in maximum security detention. There will be no remission.”

Tom looked over at his father and there was no disguising the disgust on his face. Caldick Prime had just ended his life as he knew it.

Two days later, he was being processed at a penal colony in a secret location. Tom shuddered as two of the guards looked him over.

“Take him into the back for a cavity search.”

Tom struggled, unable to believe what was happening to him. “Leave me alone, you can’t do this.”

“In here, we can do what we like. Get over the table and spread em.”

Tom was thrown over a nearby table and the guard stepped behind him. The other guard moved around the other side of the table and gripped his arms. As the first guard’s finger slipped into him, Tom yelped out.

“He’s really tight this boy. It’s going to be a pleasure to bring him to heel.” The guard slipped another finger in. “I’m going to fuck you good, Fleet boy.”

The door opened. “The governor’s on his way for an inspection.”

Tom’s trousers were roughly pulled up. “Another time, pretty boy.”

Sitting on the edge of his bed, Tom listened to the noises of the prison, coughs, cries and cursing filling the air. The door opened and in walked a young Bajoran.

“Gerron.” The young man thrust his hand out.

“Tom.” Tom shook the hand.

“Yes, I know. Have you been in before?”

“No, have you.”

“Second time. You’re a good-looking boy, so if you want my advice, find someone with some power and who isn’t too repulsive and become his boy, because if you don’t, you’ll be passed around for all to use.”

“I thought that kind of thing didn’t happen in Fleet prisons.”

“So did I, right up until one of the guards called me in for an interview, slammed me up against the wall and ordered me to suck his dick. It was after I’d been fucked for the third time in one day that I found my daddy. Now, nobody touches me unless he says so.”

“Your daddy?”

“That’s what we call the men with power. Mine’s called Greg. He’s with the Maquis and he’s good looking, so it’s no bind to be his. He treats me well and only loans me out when I’ve displeased him or if there is an advantage and then only to people he can trust.”

“He gives you to other people? How can you do that?”

“Wait till you’ve had a taste of the alternative, you’ll soon change your mind.”

A week later, Tom had definitely seen Gerron’s words in a different light. One of the guards was the first to take him, in his own cell and in his own bed. After that the treatment was the same, only the faces changed. Matters were taken out of his hands when a Vulcan-Klingon hybrid male called T’Serka claimed Tom as his own. Tom couldn’t ever recall meeting a half Vulcan, half Klingon before. He looked brutal; he fucked like a mad man but turned out to be fiercely protective of Tom and caring in a distant, Vulcan and aggressive Klingon kind of way. For five weeks things was relatively good until T’Serka was transferred ready for release. Tom was fair game and the hell started again. Two days later, Jaks, a Nordian claimed Tom. And Tom knew his hell had only just started. It wasn’t that Jaks was over violent, though his foreplay left a lot to be desired. Tom detested touching him, and even worse sucking him. His cock, when aroused, had a natural lubricant, a greasy coating which turned Tom’s stomach. The Nordian’s repulsive, stale breath would waft over Tom’s face, causing him to gag. Some nights, he was reduced to begging to be fucked because he just couldn’t bear having to get on his knees and take the repulsive, slimy cock in his mouth.

After one night having to suffer both humiliations of having to suck and be fucked, he walked back to his cell thinking about how to take his own life. Gerron was already in, laid out on the bed, contentment written all over his face.

“You look in a good mood.” Tom tried to act normal.

“Greg was really gentle tonight. It felt good, natural. Like we were… You’ll thing I’m stupid, but like we were proper lovers.”

“Lucky you. I just feel sick. Can’t you get Ayala to claim me then I don’t have to put up with that disgusting creature touching me.”

“No, I can’t. Greg’s mine and only mine. Though I have an idea. There’s a new Maquis been brought in. Big, burley, a bit on the domineering side, maybe Greg could get him interested in you.”

“Try, Gerron, because I don’t think I can put up with much more of this.”

Next day, Tom was sat eating his lunch with Gerron and a few other of the used and abused or as they were known, the pussyboy squad.

“That’s him, the new man. What do you think?”

Tom looked over at the tall, well built man, his face hardened through fighting and hardship. Tom nodded.

“I’ve spoken to Greg. Watch out, Jaks is coming over.”

Tom nodded and then looked down at his food.

Jaks half growled. “You be in my cell after exercise and be prepared to stay for a while.”

Tom’s stomach turned and he pushed his plate away. “Okay.”

Just as Jaks got up to go, Ayala, a few of the Maquis, and the new man sat down.

“I’ve told you Ayala, Paris is my boy, keep well away.”

“Now he’s mine.” The new man squared up to the Nordian. “Do you want to make a fight out of it?”

“Yes, I do, Maquis. Now, I’ll not tell you again, his pretty ass is mine.”

“And I’ll not tell you again, I want his ass.”

Tom knew how far he’d fallen when he didn’t care enough to feel embarrassed.

Jaks threw a punch but the Maquis was well trained and felled him with a well delivered right hook. The Nordian’s friends dragged him away and the Maquis crowd sat back down.

“Now you’re mine, I think I should know your name.”


“Nice to know you, Tom. It will be even nicer when I get to know you better. I’ll treat you right, only loan you out when there’s a big advantage and I’ll protect you. I expect you to keep your end of the bargain.”

“Which is?”

“To have your mouth and ass available whenever I want. And Tom, I don’t take kindly to you putting it about. You’re mine and don’t forget that.”

As Ayala stood up and ruffled Gerron’s hair, the other Maquis stood with him. Tom looked over his new daddy. “You didn’t tell me you’re name.”

“Ken Dalby. Dalby when we’re out here but you can call me Ken when it’s just us two, especially when I’ve got my cock wedged up your ass.”

Tom wasn’t sure if Dalby was his salvation or another version of hell.

That night, one of the guards was retiring so the inmates were left to their own devices as the guards partied. Rumour quickly went around about a big card game. Gerron said they had to go along and be Ayala and Dalby’s support. Which really meant, making sure their drinks were topped up, their shoulders rubbed and there was plenty of food. After he’d taken care of everything he could think of, Tom sat down at Dalby’s feet and receded into his own little world. The noise of the card game, the camaraderie between the Alpha males, the world around him reduced to nothing as Tom thought about the prospect of another forced bed mate. Dalby didn’t look too bad but it wasn’t what Tom wanted.

A curse made Tom aware that Dalby was losing. The evening didn’t bode well for Tom. Dalby didn’t look like a good loser. There was another shout and an even louder curse.

“I’ve nothing else to wager. How about one night with my boy? He’s new, I haven’t even tried him out myself.”

Tom looked up at Dalby and at the trouble written on his face, he looked back down. Tom tried to sink deeper into his shell and then a shout brought him right back into reality.

“There’s only one thing you’ve got left worth having, Ken. I’ll have your pussyboy for the rest of my stay or you owe me big time.”

Tom looked up at the voice and straight into liquid brown eyes. The eyes held his gaze for a moment and then looked back at Ken.

“Take him.”

Ken indicated for Tom to stand and walk to his new owner.

“Get your things from your cell and meet me in cell 202, block four.” The voice brooked no argument

Tom looked at Gerron, then at Dalby and back to the new man.

“I can’t just move, the guards will…”

“The guards will be taken care of. Is he always this disobedient?”

“I don’t know. You won him before I got to know him better.”

“Are you still here? Go get your things.” The new man half growled, half commanded to Tom.

Tom quickly ran to his cell and packed his things quickly.

Gerron walked in. “You’ll be alright, there. Better than with Dalby, he can get a bit rough, I’ve heard.”

“You didn’t tell me that earlier.”

“He was better than Jaks so I thought I should just keep my mouth shut.”

“This is different, I’ve never actually moved cells before. This means he’s going to have access to me twenty four hours a day.”

“He’s very powerful, even the guards take notice of him. Just don’t get on the wrong side of him and you’ll be alright.”


Tom walked into the cell.

“What’s your name?”


“Just Tom.”

Tom only mentioned his surname if he had no other option. “Paris.”


“Just Chakotay?”

There was a slight nod of the head in acknowledgement. “Put you thinks over there, take your clothes off and get into bed.”

Tom did as he was told, lying in the bed, clinging to the covers. Chakotay climbed in next to him.

The first surprise was the tender kiss and the warm, sensual touch of a hand stroking his body. Tom brushed away a tear as soft lips sucked on his hardening nipple. It was only as Chakotay’s hard cock was slowly and gently pushed in that Tom realised, for the first time in a long time, he was not being fucked but being made love to. For the first time since he had entered prison, Tom climaxed with pleasure. A tear of joy ran down his cheek. Chakotay leant over and brushed the tear away before getting out of the bed and walking over to his own. Getting comfortable in the bed, Tom felt a little hope in his heart that things would be better with his new daddy.

The next night Tom felt his cock hardening at the though of the lovemaking session that was to come. He settled down in bed and looked over to Chakotay with expectation. Chakotay called goodnight and climbed into his own bed. Laying still, staring at the ceiling, Tom felt confused. He was there to be used and now he was laid alone, which is what he always wanted and all he could think about was making love to Chakotay.

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, Tom realised there was to be no repeat. Chakotay treat him civilly, even friendly but never touched him. He was safe, no-one came near him as word got around that he was Chakotay’s. A couple of times Tom tried to pluck up courage to ask why he wasn’t being used but at the last moment his courage disappeared.

Six months later, Tom was given a sudden reprieve. Obviously his father had decided he’d suffered enough and intervened. Chakotay was in the exercise yard when he was called away and he never got chance to say goodbye.

Two years later, Tom went out of his way to find the cell that Chakotay was leading. It was Seska who appointed him pilot. Tom wasn’t sure what reactions he was expecting from Chakotay but indifference wasn’t one of them. There was no sign of the camaraderie of earlier. Before he got chance to call Chakotay on it, he was sent on a mission. One that didn’t go well and he was quickly sent back in prison. Fortunately, one that ran under tight Fleet regulations. When Janeway approached him to help find the renegade Maquis captain, Tom was more than willing to agree. It would be another opportunity to get an answer to why Chakotay had shunned him.

Again fate stepped in and brought the crews together and again Chakotay acted as though they hadn’t spent six months as cell mates and friends and for one brief moment, lovers. Tom now realised he wasn’t going to get an explanation. For the first year on Voyager he did his utmost to get a reaction out of the commander and most times he succeeded, even if it was a negative one. Eventually, they settled down into a reasonable working relationship and Tom threw himself into adding as many notches to his bedpost as he could.

After another night of passionate but ultimately lonely sex, Tom walked to Sandrine’s ready to drown his sorrows in drink. He joined Harry at a table.

“I thought you were seeing Mulcahey tonight?” Harry asked

“I was and have.”

“Why didn’t you bring him down here?”

“I wanted sex, not a long term commitment.”

“Do you know, I’ve never known anyone as cynical as you when it comes to relationships.”

“That’s what prison does for you, Harry.” Tom finished off the drink and made to go to the bar.

“Not for me, Tom. I’ve an early shift tomorrow.”

“Just one.”

“No, you’re on your own.”

“Aren’t I always?” Tom said bitterly.

Harry gave his friend a quizzical look, shrugged his shoulders and said goodnight.

Tom downed another couple of drinks, his mood become darker with each swallow of the burning, amber liquid.

Chakotay walked into Sandrine’s, took one look at the pilot and walked over.

“You alright, Tom?”

“Would you care if I wasn’t?” Several people turned at the sharpness in Tom’s voice.

Chakotay sat down. “Don’t mind if I join you, do you?”

“You want to join me, there’s a surprise.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Come on, Chakotay, I’ve never been good enough for you, not since day one. You made that plain.” A few more heads turned at the increasing loudness in Tom’s voice.

“Let’s take this elsewhere, Tom.”

“If you insist.”

“Oh I do.”

They walked to the nearest observation lounge. Chakotay turned and faced Tom.

“What’s this about?”


“I don’t understand.”

“Why did you never touch me again?”

“You’re not making yourself plain. Touch you, when?”

“In prison. You made love to me once and never touched me again. Was I so bad, so repulsive that you couldn’t bring yourself to fuck me again?”

Chakotay took a deep breath. “I didn’t want to see you cry again.”

“Now you’ve lost me.”

Chakotay sat down and patted the seat beside him. “Before the card game, I’d spotted you. Ayala told me that you were Dalby’s. I arranged the card game so I could win you. I knew he was a no good player. I thought it would be good having you in my cell. A ready fuck when it pleased me. You were easy on the eye, how could I go wrong. That first night, I looked down at you, laid in bed, all tussled hair and big, scared eyes and knew you were something special. I tried to make it good for you but then I saw a tear roll down your face and knew that you hated me for what I’d done. I knew I could so easily have fallen in love with you and I couldn’t watch as your hatred for me grew day by day. I left you alone because I thought that is what you wanted.”

Tom stood up and hit the wall. Realising he’s probably just broken one of his fingers, he cradled it with his other hand. “I don’t believe it. Five years, five fucking years I’ve believed I was no good. That I was some worthless piece of shit. I wasn’t crying because I hated what you had done, I was crying because for the first time in a long time, you had made me feel wanted. I’ve never let anyone get close to me because of what you did. I never felt good enough. I’ve wasted five years of my life because of you.”

“I’m sorry. I just didn’t want to hurt you. How can I make it up to you?”

Tom stared out of the window, thinking. “You can make love to me like you did that night all those years ago.”

“Come on, be sensible. I can’t do that, Tom.”

“Can’t or won’t?” Tom snapped bitterly.

“I can’t.”

“Why can’t you. It’s just a fuck, just like five years ago.”

“Not for me. It was never that for me.”

“You owe me. I want a repeat of the first time.”

“If that’s what you want.” Chakotay sighed, not wanting to make things worse for Tom.

“Yes it is. My place or yours?”

“Yours. Tom, please think about what you are asking. I really don’t know if this is the right thing to do.”

“I have believed I was worthless. For five years I have believed that. You owe me.”

They walked to Tom’s quarters in silence. Making straight for the bedroom, Tom left Chakotay standing in an empty room. Shaking his head, he walked into the bedroom to join Tom. Chakotay slowly took off his shirt, looking down at Tom who lay trembling under the sheet. “What do you want from me?”

“I want what I had that first time, the only time. I want you to kiss me, make love to me and this time I want you to stay the night instead of turning your back on me.”

“Okay, but I can’t promise about staying the night.”

Chakotay climbed into the bed. Taking his time, he looked over Tom. “You’re still as tempting now as you was all those years ago.” He took a deep breath. “And I still want to make love to you just as much.”

Tom shivered and swallowed loudly. “And I’m still as scared.”

Chakotay’s hand slid up the downy covered chest. “Why should you be scared”?

“The same reasons I was scared five years ago. That you might hurt me, that you might use and hate me, that you might abandon me.”

“That I might love you?”

“That was one thing I wasn’t scared of, because I never considered it a possibility. Then or now.”

Chakotay didn’t answer. He leant forward and captured Tom’s lips. Tom moaned and opened his legs in invitation as a hand stroked up his thigh. As Chakotay began preparing him for love, he turned over onto his belly.

“No, Tom, turn back over. I want to see your face as I make love to you.”

Turning back over, Tom tried to quell the feelings of love that were wakening in his heart. He closed his eyes, moaning loudly as Chakotay continued with the delicious foreplay.

“Open your eyes, Tom.” Chakotay positioned his cockhead and slid home. Both men stilled as they realised how good and right it felt. The movements were slow and measured. Tom felt like he was soaring. Shards of pleasure pierced his body, causing him to twist and turn until he convulsed in a shattering climax. Chakotay held on to Tom with an urgency he hadn’t felt in a long time and as he felt the orgasmic grip, he pumped out his love juice.

As sleep began to take hold on Chakotay, he looked over to Tom, who was already fast asleep. He kissed the pale forehead and turned to slip out of the bed.

“Where are you going?”

“Back to my quarters.”

“I asked you to stay.”

“I can’t.”


“Because if I stay tonight, I’ll never want to leave.”

“Stay.” Tom reached out a hand

Chakotay took it. “Are you sure?”

“Do you want to?”


Tom snuggled down, getting comfortable and getting closer. “You know, I didn’t think it was possible, but that was better than the first time.” Tom whispered sleepily and contentedly.”

“Why was it better?”

“Because this time you stayed.”