The Oldest Living Married Virgin by Mandy

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Then they were back in each other’s arms. This time, there were no gentle teasing kisses to start. Lips pressed hard, hungry mouths opened, teeth nipped. Chakotay soon stopped copying Tom’s actions as he gave into instinct again. He tilted his head so Tom could more easily nuzzle into the throat he'd barely been able to taste before. Chakotay did not stop him this time; he only trembled when Tom undid the buttons on his shirt. With one hand, he tangled his fingers in Tom’s hair; with the other, he stroked Tom’s back, feeling the patches of his vest, and the bunching of his muscles beneath. He managed to tug out enough of the material to be able to slide his fingertips along a strip of skin.

The material of his own shirt felt almost scratchy to Chakotay’s hyper-sensitized skin when Tom pulled the hem free from his trousers and got the last buttons undone. When Tom lightly brushed a time or two over the bulge that strained at the black pants, he could not help the shudders that swept though him, and he groaned as Tom cupped his hand over Chakotay’s burgeoning erection and squeezed gently.

“Good?” Tom whispered, leaning in close, his warm breath tickling Chakotay’s jaw.

“Oh, yesss.” The drawn-out hiss was most satisfying.

“You tell me if’i s’not, ’kay?” Tom licked around the shell of Chakotay’s ear.


He found himself lying back against the sofa cushions. Other cushions were stuffed behind him and the two of them shuffled until Chakotay stretched out and lay with Tom, who had managed to discard his vest and shirt, straddling his thighs. He swore he felt Tom's laser-blue gaze burn where it raked over him. He licked his lips as the heat of desire dried his mouth and further warmed his blood.

For a long moment, they stared into one another's eyes. Tom broke away first, and a slow smile curve his lips as he surveyed the smooth skin covering Chakotay's muscular torso. He itched to touch it. He rested one arm along the back of the sofa, and then his hand traced the path his eyes had followed, stoking outwards along Chakotay's collar-bone with the backs of his fingers first, then inwards with the pads. He trailed his index finger down the breastbone, just firmly enough not to tickle. All the while he watched for Chakotay's reactions, guessing he'd get little in the way of verbal feedback at this time.

Chakotay reached up to touch Tom and found his hand captured and his palm kissed. The pointy tip of Tom's tongue tickled as it drew a playful outwards spiral. Tom's intense stare caught and held his as each finger was sucked and laved in turn. He felt sure Tom would feel the erratic hammering of his pulse when open-mouthed kisses on the paler skin over his wrist melted into sucking bites. When Chakotay’s hand was finally released, he quickly feathered his fingers across Tom's forehead, around his ear and cupped Tom's jaw, stroking the clean-shaven skin a time or two before bringing his other hand up to guide Tom back down to his mouth.

His eyes closed of their own accord as he savored Tom’s kiss; it seemed easier to concentrate on feeling and tasting with them shut, but too soon he forced them open to watch when Tom broke away and moved down, his mouth following his hand’s previous path. He definitely liked the sensation of a warm, wet tongue sliding along his collar bone. A myriad of champagne bubbles seemed to burst inside when he felt the same tongue dip rapidly in and out of his navel.

Tom smiled into Chakotay's belly as his husband writhed beneath him. He snaked a hand up and tweaked a nipple. The sudden jump stopped the tremors and Tom's mouth took possession of Chakotay's other nipple, finally doing what he'd dreamed about for ages. He indulged himself for a few minutes, kissing, licking, sucking one and then the other. Finally, he rested his head over Chakotay's heart, watching as he lazily circled round the areola with a finger.

“You like?” Chakotay's fingers carding through his hair felt grand. The other hand playing with the nape of Tom's neck was unknowingly touching one of Tom’s favorite erogenous zones and felt even better.

“Mmm hmm.”

“Tell me.”

“It feels good, Tom.”

Tom pushed himself up and examined Chakotay's face. He raised an eyebrow.

“It does feel good,” repeated Chakotay with emphasis. “I like it.”


“But what?”

“I heard a 'but'. You like it, but...”

“There was no lightning bolt.”

Tom had to lean close to hear Chakotay's muttered explanation. “No lightning bolt? Remember you married a thickhead.”

Chakotay's flush wasn't all from sexual excitement as he closed his eyes and recited, “Let's see. 'Lord Burleigh pressed Mrs Davenport's breasts together and stared down at the soft mounds of flesh. Her milky skin gleamed palely in the moonlight. He bent forward and drew a tawny bud into his mouth. She cried out when he bit down as a lightning bolt ran down imaginary wires that seemed to connect her nipple to the centre of pleasure between her legs.' Or how about this - 'John sucked Mark's nipple into his mouth. Mark cried out with pleasure as a lightning bolt of pleasure shot all the way to his groin and he felt his cock thicken and...',umm…or - 'With one hand, Ryan pulled on Paul's left nipple as he ran his tongue around its twin on the right. Paul cried out as the familiar lightning bolt of desire burned its way down his core straight to his dick...'” Chakotay had read more than a few things for his research. He took a deep breath and continued, “The men as well as the women - they all got lightning bolts when their nipples were stimulated, which is apparently supposed to make one cry out,” he added parenthetically and grinned before continuing, “I thought with the right person...” he trailed off, and then shrugged philosophically. “You said to tell you if anything wasn't okay. It wasn't 'not' okay – I did - I do like it, just…”

“No lightning bolts,” Tom understood and nodded sagely. He dropped a kiss on Chakotay’s nose and then scrambled carefully to his feet. “C’mon.” He held out his hand. “Let’s go and find you some.”

Once in the bedroom, they ended up back in each others arms, pressed close and reveling in skin contact, but it wasn’t enough. Quickly, Tom shed the remainder of his clothes and crouched as he turned to the task of helping Chakotay, who was lowering his pants more slowly. The images conjured up by his imagination and real life collided in a most satisfactory manner when Chakotay's erection sprang free in front of his face. He nobly suppressed the urge to immediately take it into his mouth then and there; he had hotspots to find first. So, he rubbed his head along the closest muscular thigh a few times. He drew in the strong musky scent through his nose and opened his mouth to huff out strongly, ruffling the black hairs. But he couldn’t resist a quick stroke, a squeeze and lick and a brief suck, along with a murmured promise of, “Soon, okay?” and Tom stood again.

As Tom stripped the covers from the bed, Chakotay admired the tall form that was finally unveiled to his eyes. Lean, but not wiry, nicely muscled and long legs, Chakotay quickly skimmed the bits he'd seen before. He fastened his gaze on the firm ass that looked just as tempting uncovered as it did encased in tight jeans, and then when Tom turned, stared at the engorged cock jutting arrogantly forward from its thick patch of light brown curls. He swallowed convulsively and tentatively reached out.

Hoarse groans, sharp breathy hisses, and softly muttered instructions or words of encouragement broke the silence as the men explored one another. A tendril of jealousy that tugged at Chakotay's insides on finding that Tom got the lightning bolt when Chakotay played with his nipples unfurled and disappeared when Tom sucked on his earlobes and produced the very sensation he'd hoped for.

“Wha?” Chakotay reached out confusedly as Tom made to slip out of bed.

“We need lube.”

“That’s okay. Here.”

“I haven't got -” began Tom as Chakotay reached to open Tom's bedside drawer instead of his own. “Why...forget it. Your side's too full of junk, isn't it?”

Chakotay's expression was a trifle guilty as he nodded. It was too easy to just shove things in there and close the drawer, especially when he'd cleaned up that afternoon. He'd taken a punt that Tom would not have any reason to go to his drawer for anything until morning. Fortunately it had paid off.

Tom knelt on the bed. He took the tube and hefted it into the air a couple of times, catching it with the same hand. He eyed Chakotay thoughtfully. After the third catch, he suddenly pointed it at his discomfited husband. A teasing grin settled over his features.

“Well, well, well. Methinks there was some advance planning on someone’s part.”

“I…I…Stop it, Tom!” His stumbling explanation changed to a hapless protest drowned by a screech of laughter as Tom tossed the lube in the direction of his pillow and flung himself on Chakotay, tickling him mercilessly. “Yes! Yes, I planned it. Stop it! Yes. I did everything!” Chakotay hiccupped and then managed to use his weight to get the upper hand and tried to tickle Tom in return.

The bedsprings creaked wildly as they rolled around until the playful wrestling turned back to desire for full body contact, hungry kisses and frantic caresses.

With Chakotay lying on his stomach, Tom worked his way down, nuzzling around neck and shoulder muscles, using his fingers, lips and tongue along Chakotay’s spine, all the while noting in the back of his mind the sensitive spots just near the tip of a shoulder blade, and the smooth skin at the small of the back, right where it almost imperceptibly changed texture to the baby-soft skin covering enticing buttocks.

“Want you. Now.” Tom slid back up and sucked hard on Chakotay’s earlobe as he groped for the tube of lubricant.

“Now,” agreed Chakotay as he arched up in response to the lightning bolt that shot straight to his groin.

Tom murmured reassuringly to Chakotay as he slid a pillow under his hips and nudged his legs apart. He stroked his hand gently over the bronze skin and bent down to kiss each cheek before pulling them apart and taking in the virgin opening. Tom nearly forgot himself for a moment, but a moan from Chakotay drew him back. He released one hand and touched the tip of his index finger to the top of Chakotay’s cleft. He made feather-light strokes along its length and finished with a caress to the heavy balls that produced a ripple of shivers and then a shout of surprise when his tongue followed the path of his finger.

And then Tom began preparing him carefully, all the while using his other hand to rub along the length of Chakotay’s spine. If at times his words were somewhat incoherent, it didn’t seem to matter. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been as turned on as he was now, if he ever had. He was hot and hard, and all the want and need and love and lust roiled in his belly getting ready to explode. He withdrew his fingers and quickly slathered some of the gel onto his cock. He was in position before Chakotay had time to do more than groan Tom’s name, and then he was inside.

“You okay?” he remembered to ask.

“Fuck, yeah! ’m good.”

Chakotay’s rare expletive made Tom grin. They only appeared in times of great stress or strong emotions. He echoed the sentiment. Fuck, yeah, he was good too. He grasped Chakotay’s hips and began to move. Their initial awkward rhythm smoothed out. The creak of the bedsprings was joined by breathy grunts in two pitches and the slapping of flesh on flesh.

Tom reached under and groped for Chakotay’s erection. It was hot and hard and leaking. He wrapped his fingers round its girth and slid his hand along in time with his thrusts. A sudden increase in Chakotay’s respiration and a change in pitch of his groans cued Tom into Chakotay’s impending orgasm. He upped the ante and ran his thumb over the head, smearing the slick fluid so he slid more easily over the highly sensitized skin.

Chakotay gave up concentrating on trying to analyze every separate sensation and just felt. There was fullness and heat and pressure and he could feel his heart rate increase in speed and strength until it felt fit to burst. His toes curled and there was a moment of numbness that was almost surreal as his brain ignored everything else. There was no bed, no pillows, no sheets, no Tom – just a blackness as his endorphins peaked and then he was spurting over Tom’s hand, every push accompanied by a surge of pleasure.

After the peaks, Chakotay became aware of Tom still moving within him when he felt rather than heard Tom hold his breath. Suddenly, his thrusts were faster and Chakotay rocked back to meet them. Then as Tom’s breath forced its way out with a groan he came hard and Chakotay shuddered as he felt every pulse inside him.

“Stay,” Chakotay begged when Tom moved to pull out.



So Tom stretched out gently, covering Chakotay’s body with his own, and reached up to clasp hands.

Chakotay lay still, content to feel the warm press of Tom’s body on his own. He felt Tom’s heart rate slow and Tom’s lips on his neck, and suddenly he had to blink rapidly, as hot moisture pricked at his eyes. Uncontrollably, his breath hitched once. He felt Tom’s lips momentarily still, and then with one more kiss to Chakotay’s neck, Tom carefully withdrew and rolled onto his side.


Chakotay scrambled to push the pillow aside and turned to face Tom. He pulled him rather fiercely into his arms and kissed him hard. When they broke apart, he tried to meet Tom’s expression nonchalantly, but the thin veneer of attempted sophistication vanished when he read nothing but love, and he smiled.

“Hang on.” Tom slid out of bed and collected a towel from the bathroom. He handled the clean up with quiet efficiency. With the bed back in some semblance of order, it only took a few minutes for them to settle into a comfortable position for snuggling.

“I love you,” said Chakotay, enjoying the experience of saying aloud what he’d been confined to thinking for years.

“Love you too.”

And for now, neither needed to say another word. It was enough to lie, listening to the hypnotic rhythms of quiet breathing and hearts beating, to be aware of relaxing muscles and soft skin, and to feel surrounded by love as sleep claimed them.