The Irish Sex Fairy by Mandy

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Two drabbles for this section

Title: A Sporting Solution
Code: P/K
Summary: The EMH agrees with the Irish Sex Fairy's advice.

“Please state the nature of the medical emergency.”

“I thought you’d stopped saying that ages ago, Doc.”

“I thought you and Mr Kim had given up trying to master that Kinbori racquet game ages ago, Mr Paris.” The EMH sighed as he surveyed Paris’ split lip and bloodied knuckles of the hand held out for his attentions. Ensign Kim’s nose was undoubtedly broken and the protective manner in which he clutched his ribcage boded poorly.

“You should find a safer sport to play together. How about tennis? or why don’t you two just stick to sexual intercourse? It’s much safer.”


Title: A Better Way to Sweat
Codes: J/7
Summary: Whatever made Janeway think she could best Seven of Nine at sport?


“Game!” called Seven as Kathryn Janeway tried to decide whether the noise meant a shoulder tendon had torn or it was just regular Parises Squares sound effect. She pushed a strand of hair from her eyes and resisted the urge to hunch forward to relieve the stitch in her side. Panting, she eyed Seven. Damnit, not even a sheen of perspiration. That settled it. If she was going to raise a sweat with the former drone, she’d rather it were in a bed than here.

“Do you wish to stop playing?”

“I have a better idea. Come with me.”