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Delta of Voyager by Tiel

Rating: PG-13 to R (Reviews - 0)
Summary: Written by Tiel aka AnitaLife Ooops! I found that I had a missing Chapter, so chapter 20 is now new to this archive. Telepathic aliens make some changes in the Victorian lifestyle of the Voyager crew. Q returns and is very annoyed his "pets" are being turned into sex crazed animals. Slash Parody with J/C romance. Pairings? All. Something for every shipper. Very immature mature content in early chapters, but sorry, nothing too racy. J/C, C/7, C/P, C/N and everything in between! As for Paris: Tom and Chakotay get closer than they ever thought they would. This story is quite a romp! Enjoy!
Category: Janeway/Paris/Chakotay | Genres: A/U
Warnings: Non-con
Challenge: None
Chapters: 18 (Table of Contents) Series: None
Completed: Yes | Word Count: 26097 | Read: 26884

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Published: 21/09/07 | Last Updated: 11/10/07