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Hi, I am a 24 year old female from Australia. My best friend in real life is mysteriousgirl4 (she's a brilliant writer and great friend). I'd like to think that I am the sort of person who is not what they appear. I am a Tv/Dvd/iPod/Internet addict. I absolutely HATE sports. I have been interested in slash for over 7 years and my fav pairings currently include: Harry/Draco, Mckay/Sheppard, Picard/Q, Kirk/Spock, Chakotay/Paris, Daniel/Jackson, Clark/Lex, JD/Cox, Jared/Jensen, Merlin/Arthur, Scott/Logan (Good god I need a life). I'm an Atheist (which is good cause of all the slash reading but somehow I still feel as if I'm going to special hell). One of these days I hope that I get the courage and determination to actually write (and actually finish) more slash of my own. I have a problem with being both indecisive and impulsive at the same time. I think my main goal in life is to make an impact.

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Tempting Fate by jadefire

Rating: PG (Reviews - 0)

Harry isn’t the only one to receive a message from the future in “Timeless”.

Category: Chakotay/Paris Fanfiction | Genres: Drama
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Published: 25/05/10 | Last Updated: 25/05/10