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No Way Out by Mel v P

Rating: R (Reviews - 2)
Summary: After 10 years in the Delta quadrant Voyager gets home. The crew is split up. Tom gets a new assignment as the pilot of the new warship U.S.S. Colossus as a lieutenant. Colossus was developed to fight against the "New Collective" [a new alliance between Borg and Breen], and especially to resist the new weapon of the Breen. Tom has to deal with the new captain, Captain Lee Warren. Warren is the father of Charlie Warren, Tom's best friend at Caldik Prime, who was killed by an accident Tom caused. Now Tom has to suffer under the new captain, but he gets help from Chakotay who's the new first officer on U.S.S. Colossus.
Category: Chakotay/Paris Fanfiction | Genres: Angst
Warnings: None
Challenge: None
Chapters: 6 (Table of Contents) Series: None
Completed: No | Word Count: 20283 | Read: 8615

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Published: 14/09/03 | Last Updated: 14/09/03